Why Medical Transportation Services for Outpatient Surgery is the Need of the Hour

Long stays in that uncomfortable bed within the busy and noisy hospital wards can be annoying. And this is also exhausting for both patients and their families. With your sleep disturbed, a hike in the chances of catching infections and steadily rising hospital charges, it is always better to resort to some other approach that will reduce your hospital stays. And one such way is outpatient surgery.

What Is Outpatient Surgery?

Also known as ambulatory or “same day” surgery, outpatient surgeries are the ones that allow the patients to return home on the same day as the surgery. With the rapid progress in sedation, pain management, post-surgery care, and surgical procedures, outpatient surgeries are becoming common these days.

Some common outpatient surgeries you may witness are – Cataract surgery, Vasectomy, Sclerotherapy, Tonsillectomy, Rotator cuff repair, Hip and knee arthroplasty, Septoplasty, Myomectomy, and Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

After Completion

After completing the surgery, patients are observed for a certain period in an outpatient postoperative care area or postanesthesia care unit (PACU). This is usually done until the patient can normally drink without nausea, urinate, or perform other tasks as required by the surgeon. In case complications arise, the patients are admitted to the hospital. But they are still considered outpatient surgeries.


A great advantage of outpatient surgeries is that it allows the patients to recover in the care and comfort of their houses. This also reduces some pressure for the hospital professionals and allows them to deal with other patients requiring medical attention. This has proved to be mutually beneficial for the patients as well as hospitals. So, the number of outpatient surgeries is rapidly increasing. This is bound to increase more in the upcoming days as medical technology will continue to try its best to make surgeries less invasive, more organized, and demanding less postoperative care.

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Transportation Facilities For Outpatient surgeries

As a patient, you are bound to remain preoccupied about your upcoming surgery. The fear and anxiousness always remain the same whether you are going for a long or short surgical procedure. And almost all surgeries require you to take sedatives or anesthesia before the actual operation begins.
Moreover, when you are going for outpatient surgery, you have to arrange your transportation from hospital to home beforehand as you will not be staying in the hospital. You require a designated driver who will take you home safely. All the transportation arrangements have to be made in advance.

No Need For Reliability

Naturally, you will require a companion who will provide you with the necessary support, take you to your appointments and bring you back home carefully. You will eventually want a family member or a friend for the entire process. But it is not possible in many cases. They may have some important schedules on that day and may not make time for you. They may have kids to look after, whom they can’t bring to the hospital. Patients are not allowed to drive after surgical procedures. So you have to have someone with you to stay with you for twenty-four hours after the surgery. Many obstacles can come up and lead you to feel nervous and consider postponing or even canceling your appointment. At this time, you need a medical transportation service to take care of you. The medical institutions will never allow any random transportation brand as an alternative to medical transportation after surgery.

Why Secure Comfort Care Transportation?

Secure Comfort Care Transportation is ‘The Carolinas’ supreme non-emergency medical transportation and also patient discharge transportation. It will be like your standby companion who will play the role of both – your appointed chauffeur and an appointment associate. You can trust this brand blindly when it comes to supporting you in your needs. You will never have to postpone or cancel your outpatient surgery the next time when your near ones will be unavailable, as you can count on the experts to pick you and take you to your appointment on time. And also bring you back to your house after the procedure, safely and comfortably.

If you reside in Carolina, you can easily search ‘transport service for outpatient surgery near me’ and find the great service of Secure Comfort Care. As soon as you are discharged, the professionals will match you immediately with the help of cloud-based software and instantly give you a transportation provider. All the medical transporters are highly trained and are very compassionate towards the customers. So, you will never face any difficulty during your travel to the appointment or back to your house after the outpatient surgery. They also provide

  • Wheelchairs
  • Geriatric chairs
  • Stretchers
  • Oxygen tanks

All you have to do is schedule an appointment from the Secure Comfort dashboard. It can be the one for later, or you can request your ride within a 24-hour window. And rest assured, everything will pan out fine.