Wheelchair Transportation Myths & Facts For People With Disabilities

With rising greater demands of non-emergency transportation services in and around the country, there is also arising the need for safe transportation of patients through hospital discharge systems. At a glance, it is well understood how well off services and vehicles do these providers need to render the services of this high importance and quality. These kinds of Secure Comfort Care transportations must promise the patients convenient travel and security.

Also besides these, disabled patients become more independent while traveling through these vehicles and hence the reasons to hire NEMT services to and from medical facilities have also increased. But some people will often be telling the cons of using these services and how they are not worthy of getting hired by you or getting invested in.

With the rise and spread of the unjustified myths that we have tried listing down below, we will also provide you with sufficient facts to prove how reliable these transport services can be.

Myth: It is not affordable

Most people think it to be beyond their financial reach because these are the personalized services. The car and the specialized equipment inside will make it a lot higher than what I can afford.

Fact: It is way more affordable and looking for providers like Secure Comfort Care will help you transport within your budget. You can also use your insurance to pay off the medical rides.

Myth: Drivers might not handle the patients well

Patients needing non-emergency transportation services need added care in comparison to other patients. In most cases, drivers are the ones who have the major responsibility of the patients, and many doubt if they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and training.

Fact: The drivers being majorly responsible for the patients, they are more than just knowledgeable. They are professionally certified and are skilled and trained in managing patients effectively, catering to every need that might arise in the middle of a ride. They are also trained to render effective medical help in cases of emergencies. Also, the NEMT providers ensure that they have periodic training to polish up their knowledge and skills as per the latest standards.

Myth: The transportation is not COVID compliant and using these services might make me prone to infection.

Fact: One of the best reasons to hire NEMT services is because they are entirely COVID compliant. The level of care they undertake before and after completing a ride is beyond the reach of other services. The drivers are well-equipped with PPE kits and sanitization protocols are well known to them. They follow the social distancing norms while wearing face masks, hand gloves, and face shields. The same is applicable for the patients and no accompaniment is allowed with the patient. After the ride is complete, the car is completely sanitized and wiped and the gears worn by the drivers are disposed of.

Myth: Aged patients cannot depend on the growing NEMT technologies and find them hard to use.

Fact: The NEMT providers are indeed improving their technological bases quite rapidly to adapt to the changing environment and rising competition. But that does not mean that they are curbing the technological accessibility of elder patients. However complex these technologies have become, providers are keeping it simple on the interface. A round of call or just a click is going to connect you to your ride through complex backend cloud systems, making it enormously easier for elders to access and book rides. The medical facility also schedules your ride when you are discharged from the hospitals.

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Myth: Everything might seem easy but payment is not.

Fact: everything is easy when using NEMT services, including the payments. These providers are known to access and accept every sort of payment option including credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, bank transfers, pay earlier mode, or even pay later modes. They also help you pay through your insurance and in many cases, these ride charges are well included in your hospital discharge system planning for you to not worry about paying them then.

Things have gotten tougher for the elders and hence these providers are coming up with simpler ways and joining hands to make the transportation process a bit seamless and effortless for them.