What Qualities Make NEMT Services and Staffs Best for Disabled Patients

The Non-Emergency Medical Transport industry is coming to the front for the aid of disabled persons. The NEMT service companies work by keeping in mind the objective of bringing transportation assistance to senior people or those who face disabilities. In addition, NEMT services consider how the lack of medical transportation can provide difficulties to people with disabilities who need a regular medical checkup.

They provide disabled patient transport services while following all the safety guidelines and parameters necessary to overcome these issues. The NEMT staff are selected with a thorough analysis, keeping in mind the important health protocols necessary for disabled persons. Here are the important areas in which a NEMT staff or escort is properly trained at.

Proper Inspection for NEMT Staff Selection

Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a NEMT Appointment

The NEMT escort or driver are selected and trained through a rigorous process.

  • Driving license and their driving records are well checked.
  • Understanding of how to operate Entry/exit devices.
  • Practice all the safety guidelines to be followed.
  • How to communicate with patients.
  • How to cater to the needs of a patient’s disability.
  • Safety procedures of driving and loading/unloading the patient from the vehicle.
  • Proper handling while taking the patient through the stairs or while crossing the roads.

Therefore, the NEMT staff are well trained in assisting the patients in whatever way possible.

Important Things to Remember while Booking For NEMT services

The assistance which NEMT services provide can tremendously help the patients in overcoming their medical transportation difficulties. However, while opting for such services, it is important to take into consideration certain points.

Translator Support

Language is one barrier that can cause hindrance in providing medical facilities. Therefore, it would be best to opt for a service that provides a translator for medical appointments. Through the help of a translator, you will be able to state precisely the services you will need. Even the service providers will benefit from a translator, as this will give them clear details regarding the course of action they should take. A translator can also communicate properly with the patient and will be able to note down the important points the doctor makes regarding the patient.

Effective Service

When you opt for medical transportation services near me, you must know about these services well. Wheelchair support is the most common medical transportation service opted by people for disabled patients. The wheelchair escort, therefore, plays an important part here. How well versed he is with the task of handling a disabled patient is a point worth noting. So, it is always better to go for those services to easily find a well-qualified and certified NEMT escort. This will ensure that the patient will be properly taken care of.

The task of a wheelchair escort will be to ensure that the disabled patient is carried safely from his home to the hospital or a doctor’s chamber. All the hurdles which come in between, from loading the patient in the vehicle to taking him up through the pavement or stairs, are safely overcome by a NEMT staff.

Disciplined Appointments

A good NEMT service understands how important a doctor’s appointment is to the patient. This implies that discipline is of utmost importance here. Therefore, you should only use the medical transportation services which maintain professionalism right from the start. Showing up on time at the doctor’s chamber will be the major duty of any NEMT service provider.

Scheduled Services

One of the best things you can expect from a NEMT service provider is the option of scheduled booking. It will help if you get a medical transportation facility within the window of 24 hours. This will ensure that the services will come to your doorstep or anyplace else at the scheduled time. The booking process should also be simple so that the disabled patient can book a ride himself.

Hospital Discharges

It often happens that an ambulance or any other emergency transportation can take the patient to the hospital. But when the time comes for the discharge, such services are not easily available. The NEMT services ensure that the patient can get home without needing to worry about his transportation. This works especially well for people who are disabled. They do not have to depend on anyone for their medical transportation to home and can easily avail this service.

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Secure Comfort Care Solutions

At Secure Comfort Care, all these important points for a disabled patient’s transportation needs are considered. What you need, whether it is a stretcher, wheelchair or oxygen support during transportation, are duly provided for the patients who are not in the state to travel. From wellness checkups to COVID-19 testing sites, everything that a disabled person wants can be easily arranged by Secure Comfort Care.