Understanding Non-emergency Transportation Services: Its Different Types and Benefits

As we have moved into an optimally technology-based era, there is a wide range of new medical services and products that have made it to the international market and non-emergency medical transportation services are one of them. A boon for the dependent strata of the society, this basically involves offering secure medical transport to patients, handicapped people, terminally ill patients, and elderly people while they are traveling from one place to another or while they are going for a health check up to hospitals or clinics. These services are primarily meant to help them reach their medical appointments on time.

What are the various types of non-emergency transportation services that you can avail:

■ Stretcher transportation services

The stretcher transportation system is useful for patients who have back conditions or have problems with sitting straight. Booking this type of service means that emergency assistance is probably not needed during transit or during arrival.

■ Ambulatory or Assisted transportation services

Ambulatory transportation, among non-emergency transportation, is the commonest of all. This is typically useful for patients who don’t need any equipment and are capable of walking or might need very little assistance.

■ Wheelchair transportation services

Out of all the previously mentioned services, wheelchair transportation services are particularly meant for the ones who are confined to their beds or need assistance in walking. You get CPR trained drivers to operate the van and do the wheelchair lifts. You can also avail of wheelchairs for rent. On special requests, wheelchairs are given to patients with disabilities. This type of medical transportation forms an important part of the hospital discharge system.

■ Air ambulance transportation services

Medical flight escort service is another aspect of non-emergency transportation services. A part of air ambulance transportation services, these services are designed particularly for patients who can travel by air but require medical assistance as they cannot sit upright or interact properly. If you are using this service, then it implies that private air ambulance service is not needed. During the flight, a trained nurse will accompany the patient so that the condition of the patient can be monitored efficiently. The nurse on arrival coordinates the ground arrival.

■ Medical courier service

Another important secure medical transport, the medical courier service helps with blood transportation along with transportation of human organs to and from hospitals to research laboratories. Their drivers are carefully screened and maintain strict privacy standards and confidentiality rules.

The many benefits of non-emergency medical transportation:

■ With non-emergency transportation, you can save more in terms of time and effort
■ These services are available round the clock and throughout the year
■ These services cost you very little and necessarily don’t blow a hole through your savings
■ The vehicles contain all necessary medical aid and things that the patient might require
■ These services also ensure the complete safety of patients and their family members on board
■ It is a blessing for people who do not have friends and family to take care of them
■ Booking a non-emergency transportation ride is very easy

You will come across a host of different types of non-emergency transportation services that are used not only for hospital visits or while being released from hospitals, but also for medical emergencies. These services are designed to help patients reach their destination and avail medical facilities at the earliest, especially during an emergency. The companies offering these services have trained drivers, skilled emergency medical technicians, as well as, paramedics so that the patient has a safe journey.

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Why people hire non-emergency transportation services?

The non-emergency transportation services are booked in advance to help the patient reach their destination on time. The majority of healthcare providers support and prefer these types of services due to the dependability that they create. In fact, non-emergency transportation services are used by law firms as well to help an injured client or witness reach the court for appearance or interviews.

The non-emergency transportation services are among the most secure medical transport facilities that make patients, elderly people, and people with disabilities feel safe while commuting, especially during medical visits, or in accordance with the hospital discharge system. It’s the services like these that are changing the face of modern medical facilities, making access to medical aid easier and stressfree for the needy.