Understanding Bariatric Transportation as an Ideal Solution for Obese People

A large part of the US population suffers from obesity. This not only impacts their lifestyle and health problems but can also make it difficult for them to travel. It is often seen that obese people do not prefer to leave their homes, mainly for the inconvenience caused by their excess weight. The problem can become complicated if the person with excess weight also suffers from illness or disability. In such a situation, they will become dependent on others to take them to the hospital for regular checkups or surgical treatment.

But just like every other citizen, people struggling with obesity deserve respect and support. When it comes to providing them aid, nothing works better than bariatric transportation. So, without further ado, let us understand bariatric transportation and how it can help overweight people.

What is Bariatric Transportation?

Bariatric transportation is a form of non-emergency medical transportation for people who weigh above 400 pounds. Surely, transporting them cannot be bracketed into the standard vehicles. Given their excess weight, obese patients need specialized transportation mediums to be taken to the doctor or elsewhere. With this end in view, bariatric transportation has come to the aid of people.

Health factor consideration is an integral part of bariatric services. This is because people who are obese are vulnerable to many health conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Bariatric services understand these risk factors and provide their valuable services accordingly by considering all health factors.

While bariatric transportation is different from other transportation services, it can often be equated with handicapped transportation services. The important thing here is to provide personalized aid to obese patients.

How can Bariatric Transportation Help Overweight People?

Companies that provide bariatric transportation services provide a wide range of services that are helpful for people in need. Some of them are as follows:

Door-to-Door Service

The advantage of hiring a bariatric transportation service provider is that they provide door-to-door services. Their task is not limited to reach your doorsteps and wait for you to come outside. Instead, it is part of their duty to safely move patients who cannot get out of bed independently. From bed to the wheelchair to the vehicle parked outside and finally to the destination, the bariatric transportation team will ensure that you are not left on your own at any part of the journey. They even make sure to take you back home.

Maintaining Safety Protocol

Mere transportation will not be enough for people who are obese. It is even more critical to move the patient throughout the journey safely. For this to happen, the bariatric or NEMT providers send certified personnel who are well-trained in handling obese people. They will take a good health overview of the patient and finalize the correct mode of transportation. Having the right person for this job is essential for obese people who need to be carried carefully. As the certified personnel are well-versed in what they do, the patient’s safety is guaranteed by them.

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Personalized Support

Bariatric transportation service is not limited to providing basic handicapped transportation support where every patient is dealt with similarly. Here, the person’s excess weight is taken into consideration, and suitable tools are dispensed with. For instance, a stretcher with a more spacious capacity with extra tie-in supports is provided with overweight patients. Similarly, the gates of the vehicles are wide enough to let in the patients comfortably. Considerations like these go a long way in ensuring that the patient gets personalized support in the form of bariatric transportation.

Ease of Booking

No one has to cue up in a line to get a bariatric transportation booking for patients. The booking facility is available online, and all you have to do is search for bariatric transportation services near me on the internet. You will find some top NEMT providers who will provide high-quality services to ensure that you get all the comforts of transportation. The booking process is also very easy, and anyone can do it without much difficulty. The ease of booking gives bariatric transportation an edge among obese people who find it hard to travel.

Within 24-Hour booking

Some NEMT providers also provide a booking within 24 hours to make the booking even more convenient. This is an ideal option in case of an emergency or an urgent situation.

Bariatric transportation can come of great aid to people suffering from obesity. As different providers offer quality transportation services, you should compare them and find one most suitable for yourself. With NEMT providers like Secure Comfort Care transportation, you will get additional services such as translator support.