Transform Your Home into A Safe Space for Your Aging Parents

As your loved ones get old, there rises an immense need to transform your home into a more elderly-friendly environment. It means to ensure that your house is safe for them even when you are not around. One cannot always be vigilant or around an older adult to keep an eye on their safety, and appointing a house help to care for elder people come quite expensive. Thus, the best way to ensure safety is by employing techniques to make the house more secure. Let us see what all you can do to guarantee that.

Manage the Traffic Flow

One tends to lose balance in old age that can cause accidents like knocking over things. To avoid such circumstances:

  • Opt for a cleaner layout of your living area and places where the elders frequent.
  • Choose sleek and furniture that would not take up too much space giving your home a clean and clutter-free layout.
  • Instead of crowding your living area with too many chairs and individual sofas, get an L-shaped sofa.

It allows one to move around freely and takes up lesser space. Remove ottomans and small coffee tables if possible. Instead, opt for a smaller table stand. This will keep your home minimal and sophisticated.

Do Away with Low Beds and Sofas

Low beds increase the chance of toppling over. Moreover, joint and knee pains are common among older people, making it more difficult to sit down and get up. High beds are more suitable as they allow them to move more independently. However, make sure that the bed is not too high as it would increase the risk of falling. Keep a smart distance so that their feet reach the floor when seated at the edge.

Well-lit Space

With old age comes the predicament of eye issues. Make sure that your house is well-lit, and install bedside lamps to not bump on their way to the bathroom at night. Sensor lights are a great option but if they are too expensive for your budget, make sure that the switchboards are not too far apart or the space between two boards has enough lighting.

Entertainment Zone

It is not possible to constantly keep your old folks entertained. Since young people are almost always busy with their work and lives, older people might feel lonely. It is one of the major reasons for depression in elder people. Keep appropriate books and other leisure activity options open for them to enjoy when alone. It helps them while away time without over-thinking.

Re-Model the Bathroom

People over 65 often trip and fall in the bathroom. It can be a dangerous place if not modelled properly. Bars and benches in the bathroom ensure that they are safe and have something to support themselves while in there. Do away with regular mats and opt for the ones that provide the most grip, like a rubber back bath mat. A slip-resistant floor can be of great help in averting fatal accidents. Even when choosing a hotel for a trip, see that the flooring and bathroom are appropriate. It is one of the holiday safety tips for older people that you must not miss out on.


Super polished tiles are a strict no-no when it comes to senior-friendly homes. Instead, get unpolished wooden flooring or pebble-tiled floor. Anti-slip rubber mats are also great. And if you want a more luxurious style, go for fur rugs that are soft and not slippery.

Avoid Steps

If you live in a multi-storeyed house, it is best to confine most activities to the ground floor. Keep the ground floor specially designed for older people and install all important things that they might need. If they take stairs, guard the railing well with balustrades, invest in a good anti-slippery carpet on the stairs, or apply non-slip wax. Set up resting spots if the floors are too high.

Additional Tip

Keeping your home secure is not enough to ensure the overall safety of the elders. They must step out of the house when visiting a doctor or for recreational purposes. You cannot expect them to be prisoners of the house. It is wise to ditch regular vehicles that do not have enough safety and opt for non-emergency medical transportation whenever they go out. People who have mobility issues must not be allowed to travel without proper precautions. And NEMT services give you just that. There are several advantages of using NEMT services like:

  • These special vehicles maintain all safety measures while transporting your loved ones.
  • They have special caretakers to keep a close eye on travelers and their needs.
  • The charges are reasonable.

Older people must be cared for and loved. Even if we cannot keep an eye on them 24/7, we must make efforts to keep the environment as safe as possible. And since they spend most of their time at home, making it senior-friendly is of utmost importance.