Three Words in Medical and Disability Transport

At Secure Comfort Care, our industry is an important one. We’re helping seniors and accident victims and those recuperating post-surgery to get where they need to go, in a world that’s become fast-paced and somewhat cutthroat in its outlook toward personal transportation.

The majority of American communities don’t have a lot of public transit – and a lot of people can’t afford Uber, even if they could access transportation simply by hopping into someone else’s car. They need dedicated means of transportation to get them to their appointments and elsewhere effectively. They can’t always rely on family and friends – and without a good solution, everyone can feel under pressure!

Then there’s the dedicated infrastructure that you need to transport disabled individuals or those with limited range of motion or mobility – like wheelchair lifts and all the rest.

So how do we do it?

We do it with three words that actually mean something in our industry:


People need to feel safe, and be safe, wherever they are. Traveling from home to a doctor’s appointment may be no big deal for a young and healthy person, but for someone who has significant age or impairment, it can be a trying time. We understand that, and we take the steps to ensure the security of our customers from door to door.


Having the right equipment is a big part of offering our customers a comfortable experience, but there’s also drivers having the right attitude.

Daily personal transportation can be fun, or it can be extremely stressful. It can be easy, or it can be extremely hard.

By hiring people who have the right outlook on their jobs and the right positivity to help others, we make that experience one that is positive, rather than negative. That’s actually a big deal, and a big part of what we do here. We don’t just see our service as something like the airport shuttle service that you get from a hotel, although some of those guys are very good at what they do.


That brings us to the third word – care. We care about our customers. We care what kind of health insurance they have, and what they can cover with it. We care about why they’re going to a medical appointment, and what their options are.

These days, there are too many businesses that just simply don’t care. You can see it in their advertising, and you can see it when you utilize products and services. You can see it in the top echelons of the business, with owners that are either absentees or act like entitled jerks.

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