The Perks Of Senior Door-to-door Transportation

As your loved one grows older, driving becomes a concern for you and for them. They may not realize that they need the assistance to get around. Whether it be to appointments, family/friend functions, shopping, and more. Unaware of the options that are readily available to them, your loved one may feel trapped. Thankfully, there is a great relief to be had as there are plenty of advantages of having a door-to-door transportation service. Here are a just a few ways that we, at Secure Comfort Care, can bring you and your loved one a piece of mind with our services.

  1. They can reside at home.

Sometimes, the elderly feel that if they do not relocate to a retirement home, or to stay with a loved one, then they are unable to access the care that they require. By having a us on standby-by for any of their transportation needs, your loved one can feel relaxed by staying in their home. Rest assure by knowing that your loved one is being safely driven to/from their place of residence.

  1. They will not miss out on another event.

Some transportation services are limited to a certain time frame or designate their services for one general area. By trusting us, we can drive your loved one to/from medical appointments and to/from special occasions such as religious ceremonies, parties, gatherings, and more. We offer 24/7 service in a timely and friendly manner, and do not charge extra fees for operating during peak times.

  1. You know who they are riding with.

As children, we all have been told to not get into cars with strangers. Essentially, that is what ridesharing services provide. Unlike ridesharing, we personally assist every customer in/out of their homes. Our drivers are all trained professionals, and are subject to random Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) background checks. Each of our drivers are, also, CPR and First Aid trained. Priding themselves on guest satisfaction and maintaining the safety standards to keep every person calm and relaxed throughout their drive. Our drivers treat every customer with the utmost respect, as though they are their own family member.

  1. You can keep your schedule.

Senior citizens do not want to be a burden to you, or anyone else. Just as you do not want them to feel like they are interfering with your plans, you may go out of your way to accommodate them. By entrusting us with your loved ones, you no longer have to worry about disrupting your life for their sake. If you stretch yourself too thin, trying to take care of everyone else. You end up doing a disservice to yourself and those around you. Let us help you and your family by contacting us directly. We do offer language and interpretation services, should you or your loved one need assistance. Allow us to provide the safety and comfort that you and yours deserve. Where we produce a level of excellence in offering “not just care; Secure Comfort Care!”