The Changing Trends In Non Emergency Transportation Services

Have you ever faced the dilemma of transporting an elderly family member or acquaintance smoothly, and realized that your private vehicle might not be the best means to do so? Booking a specialized ambulance gets too expensive at times especially if this involves regular check-ups and visits to the hospital. This is the exact situation where non-emergency transportation services come in handy. These medical transportation services are available, easily accessible, and affordable to all.

All About These Healthcare Transportation Services

These types of transportation services aid the transportation of elderly or disabled patients to their medical appointments, to and fro from their therapy sessions, which also includes Hospital discharge transportation among other things. These are non-emergency services that can be scheduled as per the patient’s appointment, wherein trained staff take care of the patient in between the entire journey. Ensuring secure medical transport with all the necessary medical aid followed by the much-needed assistance is what makes these modes of transportation highly reliable.

What are the major end-users of Healthcare Transportation Services?

Comfort care transportation services provide support to medical patients in multiple ways. The right kind of assisted transportation provides mobility to the elderly and the disabled when needed. These services come in handy when dealing with life and death situations or getting a critical patient to a hospital in time. Right from medical aid to monitoring and every basic medical facility that a personal vehicle is not equipped for is provided here. Hospitals, medical centers, nursing care facilities, elderly care facilities, and private paying customers are various end-users of these services. Given the current pandemic situation, there has been an exponential growth in the usage of non-emergency medical transportation services, and the sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 5% steadily. With more hospitals looking for an end to end services and private requirements, the industry is booming.

Market trends related to Healthcare Transportation Services

There are multiple alternatives to booking wheelchair transportation services under the NEMT segment today such as ride-sharing options that are provided by hospitals. However, here as per the demand surge, the hospital hires temporary drivers to bring people to and fro from their appointments, and even though this is a cost-effective method, the staff present isn’t medically qualified unless there’s a nurse available on demand. That’s a factor to keep in mind while booking one of these services.

As the industry grows, major players might soon enter the market. This also involves the usage of drone technology wherein medical kits will be delivered directly to the doorsteps of the users.

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The need for improving the healthcare system, logistically moving time-sensitive patients, providing transportation services at low cost, moving samples and specimens for testing on a timely basis are some of the factors helping boost this industry.

While you are booking a healthcare transportation service or looking at the services provided by an agency, keep the following factors in mind.

Type of available equipment accommodations: Right from wheelchairs to stretchers, geriatric chairs, and oxygen tanks that might be needed for transportation, and your service provider must have this available on demand.

End to end assistance: Right from preparing the patient for their appointment to getting them downstairs or onto the wheelchair, all of this should be provided. The best industry safety standards need to be met when dealing with sensitive patients. If you aren’t available for the session, then a medical escort will attend to the patient and stay with them throughout the medical procedure.

Make sure that the HIPAA compliances are met and the service provider takes all the necessary precautions including Covid-19 compliances too.
The non-emergency medical transport services are here to take care of all your additional healthcare needs. Make sure that you verify the service providers and do a background check before entrusting them with the safety and care of your loved ones.