Seniors Can Be Self-Dependent While Opting for Medical Travels

Transportation to a doctor’s chamber or to meet an appointment is not so easy for the ones who are aged or suffer from disabilities. They majorly miss out on appointments due to lack of proper transportation services. Hence, more NEMT partners are coming forward with comfort and care transportation services to enable smooth elderly and patient transit to healthcare facilities. Besides these, few worries ponder over the minds of the medical facilities. Not every individual can access personal transportation services and hence the appointment meet-up rates fall. Here are listed the ways by which the elderly population can have access to the facilities without having to worry about missing them:

Driving Them

This is sought after as the best option; the family driving the patient to the facility. But this is an option that has a very little or low success rate. While the family is away or busy with their jobs, elders find it almost difficult to show up to the hospitals in time. Hence, they prefer the next option listed.

Using Medical Car

These are the best options that seniors with limited mobility find easiest to avail of. These vehicles have trained medical professionals with constant support to help the patients get transported easily.

A Wheelchair Van

These vans are perfect for patients having mobility restricted to just wheelchairs. These vans help Medical transport to hospital easier with vehicles designed to accommodate any type of wheelchair.


It is not a very affordable solution to every individual for transportation and might not be accessible in cases of non-emergency.

Facilities are also keen to hire more partners who render medical transport to hospitals while specializing their services through wheelchairs. There are many reasons behind this and below are listed a few:

Door-to-Door Services

Mostly every wheelchair company has this major benefit of transporting the patient from door-to-door. The same is with the NEMT services, which include moving the patient from the house to the vehicle and from the hospital to the car again. Without help, wheelchair ridden patients seem to face accidents while boarding the vehicles. This is where NEMT services ensure that the patients do not have to do any of such things on their own.

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24×7 Services

These services are always available just at the fraction of a click. Time does not matter and they understand your urgency. The bookings can easily be made through web browsers. Once you type in ‘wheelchair transportation services near me’, every available vehicle would be shown to you for you to readily book them and avail of the services.

Insurance Acceptance

Normal transportation through NEMT can cost you havoc and hence they are now accepting the insurances too. This is a big driving factor for which facilities hire them. Popular insurance companies cover their services under them and they get affordable for every individual.

Treatment Options

The biggest advantage of these services is that they do not ask about the purpose and treatment you are going to opt for when you book the vehicles. Ranging from therapeutic sessions to doctor appointments to health check-ups, Medical transport Charlotte NC render their services for all.


Safety is a priority while transporting patients and Secure Comfort Care has been acing it. They have private vehicles for ride schedules that do not involve patients to share rides and maintains privacy.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

The cars here provide comfort and care transportation with the ability to accommodate any type of wheelchair in them. The cars are also cleaned and sanitized before the next patient ride, with having every emergency equipment handy.

With these emerging services, more of the elderly and disabled population are finding it easier to meet their medical needs without any hassles and on time.