Secure Comfort Care: Pioneering The Non-Emergency Patient Transportation Services

Secure Comfort Care has been a secure medical transport service that promotes both care and comfort with complete patient safety in mind. The non-emergency transportation services have never been smoother like this. Today, Secure Comfort Care has become the leader of Carolina’s hospital discharge transportation, offering people with timely medical commute along with basic medical facilities on the way.

Here’s how the company is acing this field:

•Providing patient and hospital discharge transportation facilities along with the ride schedule that completely eases the patient of the transportation troubles. Among many services, few notable ones are scheduling and arranging secure medical transports and rides to medical appointments, dialysis appointments, physical therapies, or the injured worker’s compensation rides to physical therapies. Patients do not need to worry as their wheelchair transportation near me feature helps them save time and tons of finances. In short, Secure Comfort Care has your back while covering any minor or major non-emergency transportation services for you.

•Complete assistance of various services that also includes the patient preparation and rides for appointments with or without wheelchairs. The services also include transporting the patient downstairs or anywhere within the facility that saves time for the facility workers too. Secure medical transports include the patient’s safe and secure transportation involving timely pick-ups and drops right at the doorstep. The industry safety standards and HIPAA guidelines are strictly followed by Secure Comfort Care to provide the patients with a seamless experience.

•Secure Comfort Care also provides additional and exclusive medical equipment support upon request. Geriatric chairs, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, stretchers are all handy with their transportation services and can be used in times of emergencies.

Secure Comfort Care could climb up the patient’s trust ladder because of the amazing and secured services that they could provide. They have a plethora of serving areas that they intend to cover to not leave any patient need unattended. This is how they are serving people:

•Non-emergency transportation services that include the biggest facility of displaying the option of wheelchair transportation near me. This option enables patient transportation outside or even within the facility itself. This option also helps the facility authority to not worry about arranging their services and rather outsource these services to Secure Comfort Care. This again includes secured and safe medical vehicle transportation with responsible and professional drivers. The drivers are extremely experienced and hold First-Aid and CPR certifications. They are also entitled to check the vehicle and produce reports daily for everyone’s safety. Additionally, Secure Comfort Care maintains the vehicles’ health and hygiene to the point that the patients feel fresh and comfortable inside.

•Every trouble of hospital discharge transportation can now be borne by Secure Comfort Care and their medical escorts for the patients to experience convenience. The company’s transport facilities come packed with all the essential medical facilities and experienced staff. Usually, the patients strand at hospitals due to lack of rides or missed appointments but with Secure Comfort Care, there’s no need to worry as the company has taken the patient services to the next phase of care. Secure Comfort Care’s cloud software immediately notifies their personnel as soon as the patient is discharged, which can instantly match them and schedule a ride with the nearest vehicle transport available.

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•Secure Comfort Care’s software is being constantly updated and modified for the patient’s benefits. Their software’s dashboard consists of the one-click away options that help to schedule the rides now, or for later, or even enable the patients to schedule their rides on 24-hour window availability. With such great facilities on board, the Secure Comfort Care boasts of the most secure medical transport where you can also view your ride details and keep a record of everything.

•The company is steadily embracing the technological advancements and digitalization with the implementation of API platforms attached to their services. The patients can now request and schedule rides seamlessly with the technology taking care of the rest. These requests integrate with the partnering facilities in such a way that their transportation department can easily coordinate with the patient and his specific requirements.

•The cloud software application and its integration have been very effectively reducing facility operational costs by about 40%. This has become a more efficient and transparent medical transportation solution that can be depended on.

•The software by Secure Comfort Care has been developed while keeping HIPAA compliances and guidelines in mind that provides the organization with a more detailed and comprehensive report about the software’s operational effectiveness.

Secure Comfort Care believes this process of non-emergency medical transportation is time-consuming and hectic and so they have taken this responsibility on behalf of the medical houses for the patients to not worry and to not miss out on important medical checkups.