Secure Comfort Care: Making Non-Emergency Medical Transports Easier!

The need for non emergency transportation services is more amongst the vulnerable section of our society, a large part of which does not have access to a vehicle or someone with one. So with an aim to make senior citizen transportation easily available while ensuring their complete safety during the commute, the Secure Comfort Care started with secure medical transport in Charlotte, North Carolina. It offers the most reliable NEMT services, perfectly suitable for the elderly as well as the challenged people.

This kind of transport is beneficial for individuals or patients who are not exactly in an emergency situation but do require help that a taxi or bus wouldn’t provide.

Non emergency medical transportation Charlotte, nc

How It All Started: History of Secure Comfort Care?

•Edith Ware, in 2001, established Secure Comfort Care in the state of Michigan. This establishment was inspired by her own experience, as her mother was wheelchair-bound, requiring several medical appointments. As her mother’s health deteriorated further, she began to look for cab companies who would provide wheelchair transportation services to the customers with oxygen tank dependency. This unsuccessful attempt was perhaps the major reason behind the birth of this business.

•Edith’s business primarily began as a dignified transportation solution for America’s aging population and is today a full-service transportation company, for both, non Medical emergencies as well as day to day transportation requirements.

Today, the Secure Comfort Care is a group of certified professionals who are committed to providing their clients, high-level support, and efficient service.

What Makes Secure Comfort Care Different?

•Easy Appointments: A lot of people are unable to make it to their doctor’s appointments due to the unavailability of a vehicle. Secure Comfort Care takes care of this problem for the clients by making timely arrangements for pick up and drop facilities. Clients are comfortably transported to and from the doctor’s/rehabilitation appointments.

•Fully Equipped: Secure Comfort Care believes in a service that is efficient and they make sure all patients are comfortably transported with all the essential facilities onboard like geriatric chairs, stretchers, and oxygen tanks including wheelchair transportation in Charlotte NC.

•No Language Barriers: One major part of the whole process, which most of us tend to miss is communication with the patient. To understand the needs of the patient, knowing what he/she requires is a part of efficiency. Thus, even if the client doesn’t speak English, Secure Comfort Care makes sure he/she has a comfortable trip as it offers translation services in over 10 languages for easy communication throughout the journey.

•Professional and Well-qualified Staff: The drivers at Secure Comfort Care are experienced, professional, and are CPR and first aid certified. Since drivers play the most important role in the whole process, they are subject to motor vehicle report background checks regularly. All this makes these services highly trustworthy and safe.

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Secure Comfort Care Health Services and Facilities

•The Secure Comfort Care not only provides a ride from your facility to the patients home and vice versa but also tends to the patient throughout the trip, which makes it the most reliable service provider

•Further, one can send the patient a ride in no time through the Secure Comfort Care dashboard, which is not just limited to scheduling rides but also offers real-time tracking of the entire journey, ensuring complete safety.

•Another important thing that gives Secure Comfort Care the most lucrative edge is its superior hospital discharge facility. As soon as the patient is discharged from the clinic or the hospital, Secure Comfort Care cloud-based software and the app matches the patient immediately with a transport provider so that he/she doesn’t have to be stranded at the hospital for hours. Their attention to detail is worth appreciating in this regard.

•They offer comprehensive reporting of the services they provide and meet all the on-duty requirements while being HIPPA compliant.

With the best of facilities on offer, the Secure Comfort Care has evolved from senior citizen transportation to a successful NEMT service provider owing to their dedicated goal to serve the needy. Today as a full-service transportation solution, the company is not just helping with medical transports but also non-medical and non-emergency travels.