Schedule Senior and Medical Transportation Online with Secure Comfort Care

Getting transportation for seniors and those with special medical needs is one of the toughest challenges that family members and caregivers face. For many years, finding a transportation option that can help seniors or medical patients wasn’t something you could do online. However, Secure Comfort Care has a new dispatch system that allows our clients to schedule senior and medical transportation online.

With the new online ordering system, you can schedule senior and medical needs transportation from any computer or mobile device. The system works like a ride-sharing app, but one that gives you access to specialty transportation options. Patients can request a ride within a 24-hour window, and they’ll get the distance and cost information. Even though you’re ordering online, you’ll get the same high-quality transportation service that Secure Comfort Care is known for providing.

Secure Comfort Care’s new online ordering system has tools that help us provide better service to patients, caregivers, and facility managers. The system has a powerful dispatcher module that makes it easier for us to connect our clients with a transportation solution that meets the needs of the rider. It also has GPS tracking for our vehicles, so we know exactly where a patient is when they’re en route to a destination. We can also remind patients when their ride is nearing their location.

The new system is cloud-based, which makes it simpler and less expensive for us to keep dispatchers available when clients need our services. It also makes our services more reliable. Even if a computer goes down, all we need to do is switch to another computer with internet access, and we can continue dispatching vehicles. This new online scheduling system helps Secure Comfort Care remain the best choice for reliable senior transportation.

Another benefit of the new online ordering system comes from improved calendar functions for our dispatchers. For example, the system makes it easier for us to arrange reoccurring transportation appointments. If you need to schedule a ride for the second Tuesday of every month, we can automatically schedule an appropriate vehicle to handle the transportation. We can even set up automatic billing, so caregivers have one less thing to worry about.

Our new online ordering system also produces detailed reports that help us provide better service. It also gives facilities the documentation they need for their records. At Secure Comfort Care, we strive to be the best medical transportation option for individuals and facilities. Detailed reporting allows us to accurately measure program effectiveness and ensure we meet duty-of-care requirements.

Utilizing this new online dispatch system helps us to manage our fleet more efficiently and to provide better service to our clients. By allowing our team to work more effectively, these improvements help us keep costs low.

If you’re interested in using this online ordering system for senior and medical transportation, the first step is signing up to become a client of Secure Comfort Care. Visit our website to fill out a form with the basic information we need to get started.