Practical Concerns for Medical Transport

Suppose you have an aging family member who needs to get to medical appointments and other destinations safely and efficiently. He or she isn’t well enough to just take Uber, and no one’s around to drive at random hours of the day. What do you do? Trying to plan for an elderly or temporarily or permanently disabled family member can be tough.

That’s what medical transport services are for. The best ones plan accordingly, and take pride in offering responsive service to American seniors and others with significant health conditions or mobility restrictions that require special care and attention.

The Basics – and Extra Features

Vehicles are, in general, not built with disabled or mobility-restricted persons in mind. That’s why vans that are bought on the regular market have to be outfitted with wheelchair lifts and special doors to provide wheelchair access. That takes some investment, and sometimes it gets a bit complicated.

For many patients, you also need room for oxygen tanks to be stored inside the vehicle. Then there are other features that can be helpful as well. For some types of riders, a swiveling seat may be very useful, because they just need that reorientation to be able to exit the vehicle and stand on their into feet, either with a walker or cane, or independently. The key is that those access features need to be there, and be serviceable for riders.

How Do We Know This? A Journey to Offering Great Transport

At Secure Comfort Care, we started out trying to arrange care for our family members. We know how hard it can be.

Yes, these are basic things, but again, vehicles may need to be modified or there may need to be an investment in extra gear. Having a fully featured medical transport system requires brainstorming and creativity. Having the right lifts and gear in place requires money allocated for the initial service design.

We’ve been there, and we know that when you need medical transport for a loved one, you need time and convenience to be on your side. That’s why we’ve set up our innovative transportation program that’s easy to sign up for, and easy to utilize, even for those with a range of disabilities and health conditions.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve families, but we also serve institutional clients. Secure Comfort Care works with schools, hospitals, physician practices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as individuals who need dedicated and efficient transport, such as Medicaid and Medicare recipients and injured workers. We want to make sure that our riders get where they need to go on time and in comfort. That’s our mission – and we’re proud of our track record! Call us for caring ride options.