Poor State of Public Paratransit Services and What You Can Do About It

The need for transportation for older people is a problem that has been going on for decades now. While normal people can easily move from one place to another, it is the disabled people who face most of the problems. Unfortunately, when it comes to long-distance elderly transportation, the situation is even bleaker. There are very few services available which help people who are old to provide necessary transportation means.

One of the options that have emerged amid these issues for elderly transportation is paratransit services. Paratransit services have helped disabled and older people a lot in terms of transportation. So without further ado, let’s understand a bit more about them.

paratransit services

Paratransit Services

Paratransit services refer to those transportation services that offer special assistance to disabled and older people who cannot go from one place to another through conventional transportation. Although the service is largely provided by public transports, such as public or city buses and rail services, private players are also emerging in this line. These services generally consist of providing wheelchair transport services, vans spacious enough to accommodate the wheelchair, and taxis that can pick an individual from one location and drop at another.

Paratransit services are very much in demand in the US, but as far as the public transportation sector is concerned, they are not much upto the mark in providing top-notch facilities. That’s why private players are taking up the initiative.

Why are Paratransit Services Important?

In 2019, almost 16.5 percent of US citizens were above the age of 65. According to the CDC reports, almost 61 million people in the US suffer from one form of disability or another. Therefore, it is important to cater to the needs of these people. Disabled people cannot travel in regular modes of transportation. The same goes for older people who need specialized assistance during transportation. It is in this regard that paratransit service is thought of. They are part of an initiative where elders and disabled people can easily fit in to meet several requirements they otherwise cannot due to lack of personalized transportation.

Major Disadvantages of Public Paratransit Services

Despite their noble initiative, there are numerous problems associated with public paratransit services. Some of them are as follows:

Lack of Funding

One of the biggest reasons why paratransit services are not so popular is due to the lack of government funding in this sector. That’s why many cities in the US do not have this service available. Hence, it is not possible for every senior citizen and people with disabilities to avail of this service.

Fixed Routes

Whether it is the city bus or rail services, the public mode of paratransit services is limited to a fixed distance. The route is mapped from A to B, and you cannot go to C unless you have opted for private paratransit services. So, those who need these services also have to compromise on their travelling for they cannot go anywhere with public paratransit services.

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No Flexible Timing

You cannot avail of the paratransit services as and when you want. There is a time assigned to these modes of transportation, and they will come no sooner than that. As a result, many disabled people cannot rely on them for emergency or short notice appointments.

No Personalization

Disability is not limited to a particular problem. For example, some people might have poor vision while others cannot walk properly. The problem with public modes of paratransit services is that they are limited to providing singular services for all forms of disability. This is one of their major drawbacks. What disabled people want is having a service that can cater to all their transportation needs in a personalized manner.

Private Paratransit Services

In contrast to the public transport services, private players are making better efforts to cater to the needs of disabled and older people. Private services like Secure Comfort Care provide a wide range of facilities for those in need of paratransit services. Here are some of the things you can expect from Secure Comfort Care transportation services:

You do not have to depend on the time allotted by the paratransit services. You can choose your own time to travel by making a booking for the appointed time.

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You can avail of wheelchair services along with a certified escort. This implies that you do not have to take the aid of your family members or relatives. The escort will accompany you throughout the procedure.

Translator services are also provided to those who cannot speak English.

Other facilities are also supported, such as stretchers, oxygen support, geriatric chairs, etc.

Make a Booking with Secure Comfort Care

If you plan to use a private paratransit transportation service, you can easily rely on Secure Comfort Care. To make a booking, please click: www.securecomfortcare.com/new-client/. Once the booking has been made, the Secure Comfort Care team will arrange the required transportation facility at the appointed time.