Why to Choose Non-Emergency Medical Transportation over Emergency Vehicles?

Getting healthcare services right at a scheduled time needs quick transportation access. However, for several patients, the most stressful situation is how to arrive at the hospital on time. Especially, the old age, ill and differently-abled patients get afflicted by contemplating transportation challenges and worry about reaching the hospital on time. For them, Non-emergency medical transportation fulfills the purpose and fills this gap superbly.

But many still find themselves in perplex to use these non-emergency medical transportation services. A plethora of safety and trust issues arise in the mind while picking these services. Here, we have compiled all our research to show whether non-emergency medical transportation is the best for you or not!

Will Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Prove Good?

Non-emergency medical transportation is turning into comfort care transportation for millions. Here is a brief about their qualities to help you reach the right decision.

Carry Imperative Equipment

Sometimes, it becomes vital for the patient to carry medical equipment for a comfortable or painless ride, which surely a simple taxi can’t help. At that time, non-emergency medical transportation proves the best. So, wheelchair, colostomy bags & fluids, or any sort of equipment required to manage the patient’s medical condition throughout the journey can be taken in such vehicles. In safety regards, it’s the best way to resort to it and reach the vicinity on time with complete comfort.

Much Cheaper

If you look at emergency vehicle expenses then you will find non-emergency medical transportation as the cheaper one. The emergency vehicle cost for professionals and emergency equipment besides traveling so quick making it hard for the patient to ride comfortably. On the contrary, non-emergency transport will end up those extra costs and keep you to the location in ease.

Quickly Monitoring Patient’s Condition

In non-emergency medical transportation, the medical professional accesses the condition of the patient quickly and deals properly with every requirement. Even some doctors also recommend these services to get the patient checked on time and given proper treatment quickly.

Technical Advancement makes it More Secure

Now patients can visualize the process right from booking to transport. This technical advancement makes this service more cost-effective, transparent, and credible as well. Again it’s another plus point while comparing emergency vehicles with it.

Reaching the hospital on time during a medical emergency is vital and non-emergency medical transportation provides a great help in it. Public transportation is never a good option in such circumstances as they lack in providing the best care & comfort while transporting. Secure Comfort Care keeps every aspect in mind and extends every benefit to the patients!

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Types

There are numerous types of non-emergency medical transportation vehicles that provide varied services to the patients according to their needs! Here are some of them!

Wheelchair Transportation Service

For the patients who need a wheelchair for travel purposes, a wheelchair transportation service is provided that allows patients to either remain in their wheelchair while traveling or move to the vehicle seat that’s as much comfortable as a wheelchair.

Ambulance Service

In case the patient is quite critical and it’s not possible to get him to the hospital in the normal vehicle then this service is the best. It provides basic support to the patients and helps them reach the location on time.

Stretcher Service

For the bed-ridden patients who couldn’t sit or walk on their own because of spinal injuries or other issues, stretcher service is provided. A specialized vehicle for their safe transportation is provided for them and let them transport on stretchers.

Long Distance Service

Non-emergency services for transportation provide reliable long-distance services to the patients. It covers huge distances safely and keeps the patients in a good situation throughout the process.

Door through Door Service

If the patients want transportation services right from their home to the appointment clinic, then door through door service is provided. The trained drivers take patients onto a stretcher or wheelchair and help them reach the vehicle and even enter the doctor’s clinic for treatment.


Non-emergency medical transportation is surely a crucial service serving millions of patients every year. But the need is to count on the most credible company having yearly experience. In such regard, Secure Comfort Care is the best one serving people as per their needs for years.

Their varied services are proving as a boon for patients who need transportation that is quick, reliable, and best by their needs! Contact for more details!