Non-emergency Medical Transportation to Witness Digital Boom Soon!

Medical transportations form an integral part of receiving effective medical treatment. And, most of the patients miss out on receiving good treatment just due to the lack of proper non-emergency medical transportation services or unplanned hospital discharge planning modules. This mainly happens because medical facilities often want to exclude the troubles of non-emergency transportation and its allied services owing to the high surge of its operating costs. Hence, NEMT organizations are coming forward to integrate and incorporate digitalization in their services to smoothen out the non-emergency medical transportation services.

The Existing Trends

Patient Care and Coordination

The existing non-emergency transportation industry aims to deliver basic services like wheelchair transportation services, dialysis or healthcare center visits, or transportation from and to doctor’s chambers. The lack of standardized hospital discharge planning is yielding to the rise in the demand for NEMT services rapidly among the elderly population. This surge is urging the service providers to look for new technology utilization in rendering services that will primarily bring down the wheelchair transport costs at many places. The industry is facing a few malpractices right at this point that is acting as a driver to digitalize the same and make it flawless.

Few factors that are hindering the industry’s growth are:

•Frauds take place while phones are used to place bookings. Lack of software or technology makes many appointments to get misplaced, or at times, missing. Appropriate vehicles cannot be booked too due to lack of options for the users, which results in unnecessarily expensive billings that users tend to avoid.

•A huge influx of booking requests makes some go missing to get allocations. Patients miss out on appointments like this.

•NEMT organizations sometimes upcharge their patients for using devices that they do not even require. This leads to the billing getting hugely surged and companies earn well from this fraud.

This is why patients are more reluctant now to opt for non-emergency transportation services that lack digital touch. With the inclusion of the right technologies, NEMT services can do wonders. NEMT works on several levels and technology rigorously benefit each of these levels:

•Exclusive NEMT software will ensure the companies to operate the vehicles, drivers, trips, and the clients singularly without data diversion. Online a single click will enable you to plan, schedule, or create a ride and track the same. This software will also be able to collect in-depth data about the performance and operation reports and collate them to gain important insights.

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•Software with such efficiency will enable the non-emergency medical transportation service providers to accept and schedule patient transportation requests sufficing the patient’s needs exclusively. There are other aspects like effective allotment of available vehicles, billing, and communication with drivers that can be done with this software.

•The drivers can receive live requests for patient rides and GPS enablement can help them track the request and plan quicker pick-ups and drops.

•The emergency medical ride requests can be answered quicker than before and technology can effectively save lives.

Wheelchair Transportation Digital Services

There are few exclusive features to this digitalization like:

•Experiences that come to be customized for each patient.
•These initiatives maintain the HIPAA compliant guidelines that ensure complete patient safety.
•The vehicles can be GPS tracked for the providers to keep a note on the driver’s operations and flow of patient ride requests.

•The software readily provides complete and compiled data for the providers to know the company’s performance.

How Will the Future Look?

This change in technological drive within the industry is going to create the operations quite transparent. The safety will be increased by folds and the controlling power will remain in the hands of the authorities. The patients too will get the leverage of rating their interaction with the front-liners that will be visible to other patients thinking of opting for their services. Fraud, waste, abuse, and related malpractices will be cut down heavily whilst maintaining seamless communication. Most common troubles related to transportation, the wheelchair transport costs will be brought down heavily while you can access vehicles instead of these.

This digitalization although will have a greater contribution towards helping to chalk out hospital discharge planning and ease out wheelchair transportation services, sitting right at this global scenario, it can be rightly said that a fully digitized NEMT service is the solution.