NEMT Is Best Alternate to Unorganized Hospital Transport

If you live all alone, you are sure to have thought about the possibilities of getting help in case of a medical emergency. Some people have the phone numbers of their friends, or families on speed dial; however, what about those who either have no help, or do not prefer sharing their medical problems with anyone else. That’s what Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services are for!

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services are for!

Not only do NEMT companies allow you to book their services prior to your medical appointments. You can also call them in case of an emergency. And, the best part is that they arrive faster, and are better than traditional hospital transport.

One of the appropriate facts about NEMT service is that it is a fast-evolving industry. Many of them are only into the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Others mix both medical and general transport. Whereas some may even provide only handicapped transportation service.
With the technical advances, it is better to choose expert services such as Secure Comfort Care. By using modern tools, and technologies, they make it easier, cost-effective, and a preferred way of transportation for patients who have regular medical appoints, or even in times of an emergency.

Best NEMT Services Charlotte

Due to NEMT becoming the new normal, patients are now expecting the services to become user-friendly.

Secure Comfort Care is one of the best NEMT services in Charlotte, and are known for their expert medical professionals, and trained drivers.
Right from scheduling an appointment, to arriving at the destination, this NEMT services makes sure that the patient gets everything that they need. For instance, emergency may strike at any time for differently abled patients or even for patients with heart issues.

One cannot arrive unprepared at such situations. By choosing Secure Comfort Care services, one can be sure of getting help as soon as the non-emergency medical transportation experts arrive, till the time you finally are under the care of a doctor.

Transportation Safety for Wheelchair Users

Patients on wheelchair always need someone for their day to day needs. So, when it is about regular medical transportation, they need to be handled with extra care.

NEMT services is being adopted as the new normal by most of the wheelchair users due to the safety measures that they use. Starting from lifting them into the vehicle, to strapping them properly while seated, these services ensure utmost transportation safety to wheelchair users.
Secure Comfort Care – Patient-Friendly Medical Transportation!

When you encounter a patient, who has a serious illness, you need to be warm, polite, and empathetic. Patients who undergo chemotherapy, or even dialysis, have a hectic schedule too. In such a situation, one cannot trust a simple cabby to drive them to and from the hospital.
That’s where Secure Comfort Care proves to be a deal breaker. Not only do they train their transportation experts on how to tackle medical emergencies on the arrival spot, but they also provide the patient to choose from a wide range of services.

Below is a comprehensive list of their unbeaten services:

1.Senior Citizen Transport

Our elders, are the wisest, yet most vulnerable when struck by an illness. Secure Comfort Care professionals understand this, hence train their drivers in performing CPR, in case of an emergency.

2.Handicap/Disability Transport

Handicap transportation services by Secure Comfort Care include all necessary provisions. Starting from wheelchair, to providing an expert who understands sign language, they maintain the aura of care, and comfort around differently abled patients.

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3.Standing Appointments

Whether it is about visiting a rehabilitation center regularly, or about going for a dialysis every week, you can rely on the non-emergency medical transportation service from Secure Comfort Care in order to have a smooth, and regularly scheduled travel.

4.Medical & Dental Appointments

Dental treatments happen in phases, i.e., in multiple sittings. This calls for attending medical appointments regularly.

By choosing Secure Comfort Care, you just need to remember medical appointment schedule just at the time you book it. Once you hire the experts, they take care of reminding you of the schedule, and ensure that you are always there on time.

5.Wheelchair, Walker, & Ambulatory Transport

For patients who call in a medical emergency, the NEMT service takes care that they get their full support. They do so by providing them with necessary medical equipment such as wheelchair, walker for the elderly and for disabled patients, as well as medical professionals to fulfil medical requirements on the spot.

6.Stretcher Support

With high-quality stretcher services, Secure Comfort Care enables the patient, as well as their family to trust them with the seriousness of the patient’s condition.

The professionals can quickly disable the stretcher, and carry the patiently safely to their destination.

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Final Words

A heathy person may not be affected by long wait times, arriving late, and unprofessional behavior. However, it is difficult for patients to sustain such issues.

NEMT services are professional, and always on time, which is why, more senior citizens, and people with disabilities are choosing them so that they can take care of their health, and not have to rely on someone else for the same.

After all, it is your health, and you are the one who is most concerned about it. So why not take the matter completely in your hands? Non-emergency medical transportation services help you do just that!