Mission Statement

Our Mission

At Secure Comfort Care, we are committed to providing high quality transportation experiences. Our team of highly skilled professionals are readily available to assist and provide adequate, timely care to our valued clientele. We strive to maintain high standards of excellence, while carefully staying abreast of our client’s ever-changing needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a network that far exceeds the productivity levels and efficiency of our competitors. We pride ourselves on the ability to connect our clientele to the industry’s most knowledgeable, and sought after service providers. Fostering such relationships bridges the information gap, while enabling precise, on-demand communication, and cost effectiveness. We understand that by doing our part to sustain a consistent, collaborative work environment, our clients are able to remain stress-free. Our legacy is anchored in our steadfast philosophy of treating all clients with personal care and respect. As we continue to build relationships, we will improve the quality of life for both our clientele and those with whom we partner. We believe in working together to create a platform where innovative thought is encouraged, achievement is celebrated, and inspiration is born.

Our Solution

Across America, communities large and small are struggling to meet the transportation needs of seniors. Parents everywhere often find it difficult to balance work-life, home maintenance, and their children’s busy after school schedules. Although the specific needs and destinations may vary, the underlying issues remains the same:

  • How can I transport my loved one to and from his/her destination, without having to alter my schedule?
  • How can I easily arrange, monitor, and afford a third-party service?

As the cost of healthcare increases, the last thing caregivers and senior citizens themselves need to worry about is transportation to and from appointments. A hardworking parent shouldn’t have to wrestle with the guilt of being unable to transport their child to and from after school extracurricular activities. We can also help eliminate the added stress that comes along with you or a loved one getting home from the hospital after surgery. Life can be busy enough without the added responsibility of caring for, and transporting loved ones in need. This can be extremely inconvenient when attempting to coordinate transportation from rural or suburban communities to metropolitan areas. We are here to ease the stress of those carrying that burden, by providing access to reliable, consistent, and affordable transportation. Access to a service like ours can influence the decision a family may have to make between a loved one successfully remaining in their own home, – and premature placement in a healthcare facility. We, at SECURE COMFORT CARE, do just as our name states. We provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that you and those who are precious to you are in SECURE COMFORT CARE. Our solution-focused resources provide our clients with one point of contact, alleviating the confusion and chaos associated with coordinating multiple appointments and health care needs. Secure Comfort Care continues to be an industry leader in assisting injured workers’ interaction with the workers’ compensation industry. Secure Comfort Care successfully partners with workers’ compensation insurers to aide in the back-to-work process, thus decreasing their overall costs per claim. As certified professionals, we have successfully simplified the care-management process for workers’ compensation and auto casualty claims. Three things that make Secure Comfort Care unique:

  1. We are a “door through door” service.
    We take it a few steps further than your average transportation service. We won’t just honk the horn, or call when we’re outside. Instead, we personally assist each of our clients out of their homes, ensure they are safely secured in our vehicles, and to their appointments. SECURE COMFORT CARE makes sure that our clients are in SECURE COMFORT CARE.
  2. We are available 24/7, with no added charges for PEAK operating time.
    Healthcare facilities utilize us to safely transport those clients that are in need of special care, but do not meet the criteria for Emergency Medical Transportation.
  3. We LOVE what we do!
    We consider it an honor and privilege to provide this much-needed service to our community. Our drivers are always friendly, alert, and happy to help!

Have you noticed anything special or unique about Secure Comfort Care? We would love to hear from you!

We are focused on achieving and sustaining a national, values-driven, customer-oriented, ancillary services organization whereby we serve the workers’ compensation industry and become the provider-of-choice through relationship-building and superior service. Our legacy is built on a steadfast philosophy of treating all clients with care and dignity. We guarantee and provide unmatched client and community care.