Lessons to Learn from Disabled People And What We Can Give Them in Return

Many people around the world suffer from one form of disability or another. In the US alone, almost 60% of the total population face some form of disability. While their condition might look debilitating, in truth, they show greater appreciation of life. As learning is a continuous process, there are several ways in which people can learn from those who have a disability.

Things to Learn from People with Disabilities

Things to Learn from People with Disabilities

From an ableist perspective, it might seem that one can go through life better than a disabled person. But think again. There are a lot of things that people can learn from those facing disability in one form or another.

  • Patience and Endurance

Life is too easily taken for granted. Right from our morning walk to playing a game of soccer, things appear natural as they are. But someone who has to give an extra effort for every form of mobility understands how valuable all this is. They teach us that with a patient attitude and enduring will, one can cross any hurdle life throws at us.

  • No One Way of Living

A disabled individual teaches us that there is no one way of living. If you cannot walk, there is always a wheelchair to take you through. A hearing aid will solve the issue of low audibility. In other words, equipment for disabled persons shows that life is not limited to an ableist way of thinking. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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  • Not the End of Everything

You must have seen some people with disabilities laughing and enjoying their life to the fullest. While we, on the other hand, often get depressed by minor failures in our life. The important thing is to acknowledge that no amount of setbacks is enough to overcome the value of life. We can always learn this from people who are disabled.

  • Different is Alright

Just because a disabled person has to operate in a slightly different manner doesn’t change anything. There is nothing wrong with being different. It is part of human nature to always adjust to the reality you are handed. By being different, you learn that there is no universal approach to how to live life. We all do it differently, and all of us are right in our own ways.

Needs of a Disabled Person

Social recognition

While a lot can be learned from people who face disability in some form or another, it is also important that we pay heed to what their needs are.

Assistive devices: Assistive devices are specially designed to cater to the needs of disabled people. It can be anything from a wheelchair to visual aid to prosthetics.

Social Recognition: It is important they get recognition at a societal level. Public sites and corporate sectors should include facilities like ramps and wheelchair transport services to make their mobility at public places easier.

Empathy, not Pity: No individual with a disability wants our pity. It is a wrong emotion we direct towards them. What they rather require is our empathy, just like everyone else does. They don’t want to be treated differently. Instead, they want to be understood and treated just like any other friend or a family member.

Public Transportation: Most of the transportation facilities in the US lack the necessary equipment for disabled persons. By supporting them for their need for publication transportation, we can help in making them more self-dependent.

Secure Comfort Care Solution

Wheelchair transport solutions

While there are many ways in which people with disabilities can be helped. One way to overcome this issue would be to provide a non-emergency wheelchair transportation service for regular medical checkups.

With Secure Comfort Care transportation services, any disabled person can be taken to the doctor for their checkup in a wheelchair. There are several benefits to this option.

No need to depend on the family members. The escort from the company will come to take you all the way from your home to the doctor’s chamber.

The wheelchair escort is a certified professional and, therefore, would be the safest option to be trusted for transportation.

The escort will also stay with you throughout the medical procedure. It will be his responsibility to take you back home safely.
You can easily book an appointment from your phone, and the wheelchair facility will come to your door at the appointed time.

The problems faced by disabled persons are many. The point, however, is how seriously we take them. It is only by providing due thoughts on their condition that we can help people with disability.