Keeping Your Loved Ones Connected with NEMT

The importance of making it to medical appointments cannot be overstated. The elderly and disabled are particularly vulnerable to the health complications that can arise from just one missed doctor’s appointment, and having a dependable and reliable transportation service can help provide peace of mind when you have a loved one who needs assistance. However, there’s more to life than just doctor’s appointments and medical care. Seniors and disabled persons also need extra help simply getting around town or making it to important events. That’s why we here at Secure Comfort Care are proud to be there for your loved ones, allowing them to maintain their independence as well as their dignity.

Long Distance Travel

Seniors and disabled people love to travel, too, but are often hindered by the limitations of conventional traveling methods. Furthermore, some modes of transportation can actually be dangerous to your loved one, exposing them to needless risk. If your family member wants to join you on your adventures, but you’re hesitant about including them because you’re worried about how they’ll get there safely, look no further. We are happy to offer both one-way and long-distance transportation services for your loved one, helping to ensure they don’t miss out on trips and vacations with you.

Social and Church Functions

Your loved one can quickly grow restless if they remain cooped up in their home or living facility all the time. Having a strong social network has been proven to help not only improve their quality of life, it can also help them live much longer. While seniors and disabled individuals may not like to make a fuss or impose on you to ask for a ride to church or to engage in social activities, they may be secretly yearning to go out and have a little bit of fun. We would love to help them connect with their friends, and are more than happy to make sure they have a safe and dependable ride to all of their social functions!

Day to Day Activities

Many of us take our daily routine for granted. Little things like going to the store for groceries or getting a haircut can be incredibly challenging for the elderly and disabled. Your loved one may feel shy about asking for extra help with these tasks, too, and may put off doing these activities even though they may wish to do them. We know how vital it is to your family member to be able to maintain their independence, which is why we are determined to work with them to help them perform the daily tasks that help them remain confident and independent.

Ensuring that your loved ones get the transportation services that they need – whether it’s for a long-distance journey or just to the shop – is as straightforward as filling out our new client form. To learn more about the many services that we provide, or if you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us today!