Ingenious Benefits & All Types of Medical Transport Services

Medical transport service by NEMT companies is experiencing a surge as they prove to be more in-line with medical equipment, professionalism, and safety.

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of the road, waiting for your friend to get to a scheduled medical appointment? Does it weigh on you to depend on someone else for your medical transportation needs? The non-emergency medical transport services industry has experienced a boom in the past decade.

The reason being the change in treatment methods that include regular therapy sessions. The same is required in the majority of the differently-abled cases and in illnesses that require frequent dialysis, physiotherapy, etc.

That poses a huge challenge for those who cannot drive or do not have access to anyone reliable to transport them to such planned medical appointments.

Secure Comfort Care brings to the next generation non-medical transportation services. Now you don’t have to worry about the hassle of having to depend on anyone. Because we take your matter into our hands.

Why Choose Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services?

The majority of the hospitals are busy all year round. Since they have to attend to several patients together, there may be delays in facilitating services such as ambulance arrival, billings, and the discharge process.

Also, medical institutions do not send their in-house transport for scheduled medical appointments. One can, of course, choose to hire private cabs. Still, they aren’t professional, do not have the necessary equipment for the patient’s safe travel, and the drivers aren’t professional enough to handle a medical emergency on the spot.

Below are some factors that distinguish NEMT services, such as Secure Comfort Care, compared to traditional medical travel.

1.NEMT Transportation Is More Streamlined

By choosing a private medical transport service, you can be assured that their process, starting from booking to billing, is streamlined. The patient does not have to face the trouble of re-schedule their medical appointments due to the driver being late.

Moreover, they make use of advanced automated technology for the patient’s convenience. In short, the patient can schedule their transport online, get facilities such as wheelchair transportation services, and more, as well as make the payment online.

That eliminates the lengthy billing process that most of the hospitals entail, due to which the patient faces a lot of discomforts.

2.On Spot Aid

In case of an emergency, the patient required aid on the spot. With NEMT transportation services, one gets immediate Medicaid as soon as the professionals arrive. The drivers undergo training to be able to perform CPR.

Also, immediate wheelchair transportation, stretcher service, and healthcare assistance are some of the benefits these medical transport services provide.

3.Have a Safe Ride

Depending on the type of patient, NEMT transportation services provide the necessary tools and professionals. They ensure that the patient has a comfortable ride, gets all the assistance they need, and arrives on time.

4.Pay Almost 40% Less as Compared To Hospital Transportation

Needless to say, NEMT is way less expensive than a hospital ambulance. When looking for an alternative to free transportation, where their family or friends accompany patients, it is essential to look at the cost bit. With NEMT transportation, you can save up to 40% of the amount paid to hospital ambulances.

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Type Of NEMT Transportation Services

•Ambulatory Services: Emergency scenarios such as fatal accidents, heart attacks, etc., calls for ambulatory transportation. As the ambulance is equipped with all the instruments required for the patient’s safekeeping, NEMT transportation services arrange for services quickly and cost-effectively.

•NEMT Services: As the name suggests, NEMT Transportation feature medical travel related to scheduled medical appointments. One can book and pay at the click of a button with such medical transport services.

•Stretcher Services: For patients who are differently-abled or bed-ridden, NEMT companies arrange for door-to-door Stretcher transportation.

•Wheelchair Transportation: The category of differently-abled patients who confine to wheelchairs calls for wheelchair transportation. From carrying the patient to the vehicle to moving them into the vehicle and then dropping them safely to the appointment, NEMT transportation is the best choice for wheelchair-ridden people.

•Curb-side Pick-Up & Drop: This is not a much-preferred method; however, if a patient is scheduled to be picked up at a curb, medical transport services arrange for the same.

•Long Distance Medical Transportation: Secure Comfort Care provides NEMT transportation to over 50 miles. Be it a long-distance trip or even travel across the country, you can rely on these services for their unmatched hospitality.

Final Words

Book your ride before your appointment, and reach safely to your destination. It sounds like a normal cab ride, right? But it’s not. It is safer, comfortable, and involves professionals’ drivers trained to handle emergencies in the best way possible.

So, in case you don’t have someone available to give you a free ride, or even in case of urgency, choose medical transportation services, and you don’t have to miss another medical appointment.