Improve Your Loved One’s Quality of Care with Our Translation Services

The ability to communicate clearly and without barriers is something that should never be taken for granted. Recent survey results from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that greater than 20% of all households spoke a language other than English in their homes, yet many healthcare providers in our country still remain monolingual. When patients do not have access to a professional interpreter, the outcome for their healthcare prognosis can be quite grim. The need for skilled language interpreters for Limited-English Proficiency (LEP) persons is greater than ever, not only to improve the quality of care to the patient, but to also help put them at ease during medical treatment.

Reduce the Risk of Misdiagnosis

Language barriers can lead to dangerous misdiagnoses, resulting in serious complications for your family member. When they need treatment — whether its routine care or emergency intervention — it’s critical that they are able to communicate clearly to their healthcare provider. Any delays in communication can have lasting repercussions, leading to severe harm to their wellbeing. Having an interpreter act on their behalf during a doctor’s appointment can help them convey any symptoms that they are experiencing both clearly and accurately.

Improve Treatment and Care

Having a professional translator not only allows your loved one to communicate with their doctor, it can also help make sure they are compliant in their treatment. For instance, if they have a medical appointment and their healthcare provider advises a treatment protocol, a professional interpreter can help them fully understand their doctor’s recommendations. Furthermore, a translator can act on their behalf at the pharmacy and can also communicate their needs to anyone else who may be responsible for their safekeeping.

Help Your Loved One Feel Comfortable

Many LEP persons often depend on their immediate family members or children to help translate for them. When they are reporting symptoms that they may find embarrassing, they may try to withhold this vital information from their doctor to protect their dignity. In their attempts to shield themselves from perceived shame, they may not feel safe to open up to their healthcare provider. A professional translator can help safeguard your loved one from any residual discomfort they may have about being honest about their symptoms, allowing them to feel more at ease during their appointments. This can greatly improve their quality of care, leading to a vastly better outcome for them.

We here at Secure Comfort Care are proud to offer translation services in over 200 languages. We can provide translation services on-site, allowing you to be confident that your loved one is getting the highest quality of care when they are receiving medical treatment. To learn more about how our interpretation services can help facilitate superior and compassionate healthcare for your loved one, please contact us today! Or, if you prefer, you can contact us through our convenient online new-client service request form. We look forward to helping your loved one get the care they deserve!