How Transportation Services Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

The ability to get from place to place is something people take for granted since all you have to do is run to your car and drive where you want to go. However, eyesight and other health issues can make it impossible for seniors to drive, which significantly affects their freedom and independence. Using transportation services, like Secure Comfort Care, can improve the quality of life for your older family members.

Secure Comfort Care can pick seniors up from their residence or managed care facility and take them anywhere they need to go. Our services can be used for medical appointments, trips to the store, church visits, and more. Our drivers are first aid and CPR certified, and they are specially trained to help individuals with mobility issues, and we vehicles fitted to provide medical transport for patients with health issues.

Transportation services help seniors maintain their independence longer and reduce the need to rely on family members for these rides. Our services can significantly improve the quality of life for older adults. They can go where they want without having to wait on the schedules of others. And a transportation service that’s designed to help people with mobility issues will provide a more comfortable riding experience than using a traditional vehicle. 

Using transportation services can be a cost-saving measure. When a family member has to take time off of work to drive someone to a medical appointment, it costs the family member money. For example, if someone stops working for four hours to take someone to a medical appointment, the trip itself cost them a half day’s pay. For some individuals, it’s more cost-effective to hire a transportation service rather than to do the task on their own.

Another benefit of transportation services like Secure Comfort Care comes in the form of improved health outcomes. Relying on family members for transportation can be problematic when everyone has other things happening. You never know when a parent will need to rush to the school, or an emergency at the job prevents a family member from leaving. It’s not uncommon for seniors to miss medical appointments because their ride couldn’t make it or didn’t show up on schedule.

When you use Secure Comfort Care, older adults known that they will be picked up on time by someone who can assist them with the medical appointment. Missed doctor visits may seem like an unavoidable part of life, but a single missed appointment can reduce the benefits of a healthcare plan. Doctors schedule appointments in intervals designed to monitor a patient’s condition accurately and adjust their medication as necessary. Missing an appointment means the doctor is waiting longer than they should to check the patient. By ensuring seniors arrive at all of their medical appointments, Secure Comfort Care can improve the health, and the quality of life, of the people we transport.

If you need a transportation service for a senior family member, consider using Secure Comfort Care. We are located in Charlotte, NC and serve all of the communities in a 50-mile radius of Charlotte. Send us a message online if you have any questions about using our services to improve the quality of life for your loved ones.