How to Transport Someone in a Wheelchair With the Utmost Care?

Looking after the safe transportation of patients is the task of any caregiver, whether he is a professional or not. A disabled person needs this help more as their health can be fragile, and you can easily injure them if you are not careful. Therefore, to ensure a disabled person’s transportation, it is important to learn how to transport someone in a wheelchair.

By following the right safety protocols of assisted transportation, you can help the disabled patient move swiftly for his medical checkup or get discharged for home.

How to Transport someone in a wheelchair?

How to transport someone in a wheelchair

The important thing to keep in mind while addressing the question of how to transport someone in a wheelchair is to know about the equipment well. Only when you are familiar with the device can you proceed to help the patient get on it.

While transporting the patient to the wheelchair, you must follow the following things in mind:

Keep the Wheelchair Near the Bed

Keep the wheelchair near the disabled person or a patient’s bed. This will help him get easily onto the wheelchair without needing to walk a distance. If the patient is to be carried to a facility via car or any other vehicle, put the wheelchair right in front of the car door. This will make the transition from car to wheelchair easy for the patient.

Double Check the Wheelchair

The second thing to keep in mind regarding how to transport someone in a wheelchair is to double-check the wheelchair. See that the armrest and footrest are properly drawn before the patient is seated in the wheelchair.

Enable the Wheel Brakes

Another important thing to check before helping the patient move into the wheelchair is to see if the locks or brakes of the wheels are enabled. A wheelchair can easily move away if the locks are not enabled, and this can cause a significant problem to the patient.

Use a Safety Belt

Using a safety belt around the hip area is another important thing to consider regarding transferring someone in a wheelchair. A safety belt works even better for patients who are disabled. With the help of this belt, anyone can easily move the patient in a wheelchair to the nearest vehicle.

How to Transfer Someone in a Wheelchair into the Car?

How to Transfer Someone in a Wheelchair into the Car

Push the Car Seat Back

Now comes the part of how to transfer someone in a wheelchair into a car. To achieve this, first push the car seat as far back as you can for the patient to move in comfort along with the wheelchair. The larger the cleared area, the easier and safe it would be for the patient to move without any discomfort into the car.

Make Patient Move to the Edge of the Wheelchair

Ask the patient to move to the edge of the wheelchair as this will make it easier for you to move the wheelchair into the car. Also, by making the patient come to the edge of the wheelchair seat, they will be able to incline their weight on you, and this will make the weight of the wheelchair lighter. In this way, you will not be facing any difficulty in moving the wheelchair into the car.

More Stress on Armrests

For a safety measure, it is better to stress that while moving up, the patient should put more weight on the armrests of the wheelchair. This will double sure their safety in case you slip or totter. At the same time, you should do your best to ensure that the patient gets full physical support from you.

To the Patient’s Home

Two Person Support

The ramp should be made clear before you take the patient on the wheelchair through it. If the facility is missing a ramp for the smooth transportation of the patient, you should ensure that you have another person to help you carry the wheelchair.

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Careful Handling

Utmost care is to be provided while moving the patient from the wheelchair to the bed. They should be handled gently, especially a disabled person. It is preferable to engage two persons rather than one while looking after this subtle task.

Transportation Services

When it comes to how to transport a patient in a wheelchair from one place to another, it is not an easy matter. Whoever is in charge should take utmost care to ensure that the patient’s safety is maintained throughout. The best thing to do here is to take assistance from professional medical transportation services. They are well-trained for these tasks and provide certified escorts who will guarantee the safety of the patients while transporting them through a wheelchair. They know all the tricks regarding transferring someone in a wheelchair from home to hospital and back again.

The safety of the patients is the most important thing, and no one should compromise on it. In fact, by taking the help of the medical transportation services, you will also get facilities like:

  • Phone booking on an appointment basis
  • Geriatric chair support
  • Oxygen facility
  • Stretchers

All in all, you will be given everything related to the task. Thus, the best answer to how to transport someone in a wheelchair is taking the help of non-emergency medical transportation services.