How NEMT Is Helping To Overcome COVID-Related Obstacles?

It is not unknown what challenges the hospitals are facing to tackle the spread of the COVID-19 among the patients and outside. The risk is not only affecting the patient health but also affecting the patient’s care and experience and their readmission risks, all while affecting the hospital’s revenue. The hospital discharge planning is sought to undergo a complete transformation to cater to the patient needs and hence the significance of NEMT services is seeing a surge all over again.

There have risen a multitude of opportunities where non-emergency medical transportation services are put to use to support patient recovery after the COVID-19. The widespread availability of secure medical care has shown their high potential to save lives in a crisis, reserve the resources to cater to emergency medical needs, and provide a safer path to recovery to anyone ranging from primary care to chronic illness. The significance of NEMT services has risen and hiring one can positively affect your facility, reducing the chances of a patient’s readmission. Below are discussed the following:

Wheelchair transportation in COVID 19

Patient Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation services bear the basic benefit of easy patient transport to and from the hospitals, maintaining every possible security. When any COVID-19 patient needs transport owing to their health conditions or emergency treatment options, they cannot be taken through a public transport service. Secure medical care services can reduce the transmission risk of the patient while transportation and secure the hospital traffic with the contained transmission.

NEMT providers even take care of the patient once he/she undergoes the stability stage to transport the patient back to his place. The vehicles packed with PPEs and infection control procedures ensure the safe and appropriate approach to contain the transmission. The pandemic didn’t allow ride shares and hence there are not many options left with the facilities to partner except for these providers. Other non-trained vehicle services will not be able to handle situations with such precautions as NEMT providers do.

Infection Control

You might be surrounded by providers of NEMT services but most of them might not have even encountered a situation like this. Trusting them becomes risky without them knowing effective methods of transmission control. This is a situation where working with providers who have strict working insights and guidelines will help your facility cope up with the challenges. Good providers follow a methodical approach to address any issue arising during transportation. These steps also include modifying the hospital discharge planning procedures too. The biggest step towards effective service rendition is to stay updated with the latest guidelines from healthcare institutions. A provider’s own experience can also serve as a cherry on the cake. These providers create a better experience for patients, without them having to stumble upon unnecessary issues.

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Social Determinants

NEMT aids for the facilities that can majorly prevent a COVID-19 recovered patient’s readmission. With the deployment of proper resources, they are put under enormous care in transit because that is when the chances of getting infected again are high. Not only the patient transport, but NEMT services also overlook any single type of medical service you need to ensure you are under the safety from getting infected again.


It is very important to maintain communication with the COVID-19 recovered patients to know about their state of health. Also, it is important to communicate with the post-acute network to understand their capability of accepting the COVID-19 patients. Regular communication helps keep your service line in place and meeting schedules become easier. Making important decisions for the future is critical to help keep things under control.

COVID-19 has shown struggles in every aspect and transportation is one of them. Creativity while maintaining safety is key now.