How NEMT Has Come To Play A Critical Role In Times Of Covid19?

The lives of millions of people have been disrupted to a great extent due to coronavirus. The governments worldwide are requesting people to stay at home and not to go out unless it’s absolutely important. This has also resulted in the closing of many businesses and ceasing of services that are considered to be non-essential in the given circumstances. This is where a lot of people tend to think if non-emergency transportation services or NEMT are considered as essential services or not. Undoubtedly, this is definitely one of the vital non-emergency services, especially for beneficiaries who depend thoroughly on NEMT to get access to medical facilities and critical treatment. These services have come out as a blessing in disguise amidst this pandemic situation.

The role of non-emergency medical transportation during the pandemic

Non-emergency transportation services are already playing a crucial role in terms of providing access to healthcare facilities during emergencies. It’s all the more important to step down healthcare facilities so that they can be brought to the forefront only when immediate care is needed and this is undoubtedly the most pragmatic approach that can help to limit the Covid19 from spreading across areas. Additionally, this would also render countless individuals unable to access healthcare facilities. In this scenario, it is NEMT that has been greatly helpful.

NEMT services further offer transportation to a wide range of beneficiaries for critical appointments that also include chemotherapy, dialysis, substance abuse treatment, and mental health treatment. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to consider people dying if NEMT services are not available to them in a timely fashion. Come to think of the importance of non-emergency transportation during this pandemic, you must not forget about the dialysis patients and cancer patients who cannot stop their treatment no matter what. For them, non-emergency transportation facilities are a must.

Is it possible to cease NEMT services?

role of non-emergency medical transportation during the pandemic

To look at things from a more humanitarian and logical ground, ceasing NEMT is simply impossible. You can possibly imagine the risk to the life of critical condition patients that cessation of NEMT would cause. Moreover, with the wrath of coronavirus continuing constantly, finding reliable transportation services would be just difficult and almost impossible. Local governments in many places have already stepped down the availability of public transportation so that fewer people are traveling on the road. Current statistics show a substantial drop in public transportation usage in major US cities. Additionally, train and bus schedules have also been cut down so as to offer little transportation options to people in the cities. People with the critical condition need NEMT facilities to ensure regular visits to medical appointments and in this regard, direct pickup helps avoid the spread of the virus while ensuring secure comfort care.

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It’s important to reduce the risk of the pandemic spreading among beneficiaries who need regular treatments like dialysis and chemotherapy as these can heavily reduce their immune system. Therefore, contracting the infection can cause severe health complications to crop up. With comfort care transportation like NEMT, chances of them getting infected would be reduced as these facilities come well-prepared with all the necessary measures.

How can NEMT service providers maintain safety for their patients?

Certain rules must be followed to maintain safety and hygiene.

●Vehicle sanitization
●Regular fumigation of vehicle
●Schedule trips without putting the patients at risk
●Work in coordination with the Emergency Medical Services department while transferring beneficiaries who are suffering from coronavirus.
●Coordinating with local healthcare providers like dialysis centers, chemotherapy facilities, and methadone clinics to handle situations of staff shortages.
●If any driver or NEMT services staff has even a simple cold and fever they are asked to step aside for the safety of patients with severe conditions. Maintaining proper standards also helps to prevent the readmission of coronavirus patients to the hospitals.

NEMT can also be deployed to deliver essential things such as groceries, medical supplies, prescriptions, and all other items that help with the easy recovery of patients.

Past, Present, and Future of NEMT

Before talking about the past, present, and future of NEMT services, we will have to first delve into the history of NEMT services. With its inception, Medicaid has expanded remarkably. Legislation increasing Medicaid enrollment has gone up to 52% alone, meaning that more people will be needing rides yearly. However, the future of NEMT is mostly uncertain as there are a lot of potholes on the way. Regulatory uncertainties cannot be neglected. This field is eventually going to be crowded with a huge number of companies coming up with their solutions and thereby crowding the professional ground. So the need of the hour is to make things more organized and streamlined. The idea is to provide comfort care transportation be it in the form of wheelchair transportation services or incorporating it into the hospital discharge system. The end result has to be patient life safety.

Surviving in the NEMT industry

The companies providing NEMT services must be acquainted to NEMTAC and help with the development of the particular certification program to make things better for the future.

Why NEMT is so important?

●If you are injured or chronically ill, you might call for emergency transportation but that will be costly and might as well turn out to be unnecessary.
●Non-emergency medical transportation is highly valued by the medical community as well as customers.
●For post-surgery checkups, NEMT is very important.
Wheelchair transportation services cannot be ignored for disabled patients.
●Whether it’s out of state services or hospital discharge system facilities, the NEMT service providers are there to guide you with apparently everything.
●It is a boon for people who have nobody to take care of them, especially the elderly and disabled.

If you are looking for ultimate secure comfort care during commutation to hospitals then NEMT is the best option for you.

The best NEMT service companies offer high-quality comfort care transportation for patients with chronic illness or coronavirus infection and they are meant to make your life better and much more livable with their constant efforts.