How Kidney Patients Can Ensure Complete Safety While Traveling

Whether a patient is traveling for recreational or medical purposes, ensuring that all safety measures are undertaken is imperative. Kidney patients especially need extra care while traveling because it requires a lot of preparation and arrangements before you can take them out.

The number of chronic kidney patients and their travel demand has increased. There are several ways in which people with kidney diseases can safely be transported from one place to another. Private medical transport is one such way that allows patients to enjoy their travel without any discomfort or accidents. Besides the mode of transportation, there are several other things one must keep in mind before planning to take a patient out.

Why Should Kidney Patients Travel?

Kidney patients need to step out of the house to boost their state of mind and self-esteem. Some older people wish to travel while others attend marriages, graduation parties, and other important ceremonies. Taking them out makes them feel that they, too, are a part of the family. Emergencies in the family may also require patients to travel.

Patients who undergo dialysis spend a lot of time in hospitals and pain. Traveling could be an excellent way to excite their morals and make them happy. Let us go through the essential travel tips for kidney patients.

Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Kidney Patients

Consult the Doctor

Before you make any plans, you must consult the doctor in charge, and only after their approval should you proceed further. It is very important to have a thorough check-up before making travel plans. This is especially essential if you are planning a trip. If the patient is stable, he may go out for a day or a half without consulting the doctor. But anything more than that requires to be checked with the doctor.

Carry all the prescriptions, medical reports, and the doctor’s analysis with you. This will help the hospitals elsewhere to understand the condition and complications you require for medical treatment.

Keep in touch with your doctor at all times. And if possible, try to contact a doctor who lives close to your hotel or cottage.


Kidney patients will find it difficult to travel like regular people. Due to their pain and fragility, they need special treatment when it comes to transporting. You can contact any decent medical patient transport services to render their help in traveling. These services will aid you for long as well as short travels. Whether you want to visit a ceremony or board a plane, you can contact them as they will have your patient transported safely.

If you are traveling by airplane, make sure that you have booked transport services keeping in mind the entire schedule of the tour. It could pose a great inconvenience otherwise. These services charge reasonably and take care of your patient well enough. In addition, they make sure that the patient is comfortable and not in any pain.

However, while you book the services, you must clarify the state of your health. This will help them understand and cater to their needs better.

Deciding the Destination

When you are with a patient or yourself one, it is best to avoid remote locations. Instead, select a location where you can have hospitals, transport, and other amenities within your reach. You never know when an emergency can knock on your doors. Thus, be prepared!

One must also select a hotel that has a doctor on call. Then, you can call the hotel and inform them of your health condition and inquire about the doctor and emergency medical services that the hotel provides.

Traveling with Patients Who Undergo Dialysis

If a patient undergoes dialysis, it is imperative to book a dialysis center before making any plans for a trip. Book your dates prior to booking the tickets and hotels. Therefore, the dates must be flexible. Distant centers may not always be able to cater their medical services on your date. Grab the date closest to it and plan your trip accordingly.

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Patients and their families generally feel comfortable and secure in home centers for dialysis. And therefore, one must take special care of things in a place away from the home center. Some of the important things to check before booking a center are:

  • Make sure that they do not reuse dialyzers and bloodlines.
  • See that they provide the treatment time that your doctor prescribed.
  • Check if the center uses similar kinds of machines and dialyzers as your home center.
  • The availability of public transport to and fro the center.
  • The number of patients assigned to each technician and nurse.

Being a kidney patient is no doubt a challenge in itself, but one must not shun a good life. Stepping out of the house with the right kind of transportation and medical facilities will help you heal better both mentally and physically.