Here’s What You Should Know About The Increasingly Popular Transport Wheelchair

Throwing Some Light On Durable Medical Equipment

A piece of equipment that is primarily used only for medical purposes rather than for any other requirements such as industrial needs is called Durable Medical Equipment (DME). DME is a tool or equipment that provides therapeutic advantages to any patient who needs it for certain medical issues or illnesses.

DME is a reliable piece of equipment for the disabled and handicapped that can be used daily. It has to execute all its primary purposes cautiously for a minimum of three years to be qualified. Any DME must consist of the items that will serve the following purposes:

  • It must serve a medical purpose primarily.
  • It is only useful to a person who has some illness, injury or disability.
  • It has to be prescribed or ordered by a doctor or practitioner.
  • It has to be reusable and can tolerate constant usage.
  • It is entirely appropriate for usage at home.

Some of the types of DME necessary for disabled people are wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, hospital beds, walkers, orthotics, blood sugar monitors, power scooters, canes, patient lifts, crutches, and traction equipment.

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There are several medical policies available for DME. And any medical policy must state the following details about the DME coverage:

  • The general durability of the medical equipment,
  • The options for maintenance, repair and replacement of the equipment,
  • The options available for upgradation,
  • All the details about the cost of the equipment when it is purchased vs. rented.

The Transport Wheelchair As DME

Transport Wheelchair As DME

A transport wheelchair is one of the most common and heavily used equipment among DME. Understandably, the wheelchair replaces a patient’s natural motor function. It can be used by any person who is unable to move around or change positions and go to different places. So, a wheelchair is expected to be safe and properly usable for many years.

A transport wheelchair is a very important and probably the most sought-after device among the required mobility products. Generally, it is not supported by electric power. But they surely differ from the regular wheelchairs. You can find several stretcher patient transport that can provide you with a transport wheelchair.

Reasons For The Increasing Popularity Of The Transport Wheelchairs

Here are some of the factors that have led to the sudden increase in popularity of transport wheelchairs –

Comfortable Transportation

The primary function of the transport wheelchairs is to provide mobility to the users who use wheelchairs. And clearly, transport wheelchairs are more popular than the regular ones as they are made with a more advanced style and make travelling easier to a great extent.

The transport wheelchairs are also lighter than the regular ones, making them more convenient for movement. This equipment is mainly used to transport disabled people while visiting any shopping mall or during their visit to any medical clinic for a doctor’s appointment or to any outdoor location that is wheelchair accessible.

Pliable Design

The flexible design of the equipment also makes it very handy and desirable. The transport wheelchairs are rapidly gaining popularity for its foldable design that allows the chair to be perfectly adjusted in any vehicle.

It has been created in a compact manner to fit in the restricted and small places in the best possible manner. And this also allows the users to take it with themselves, anywhere they go.

Small And Compact In Size

The transport wheelchairs are easily distinguishable from the regular ones just for their small wheels. However, you will always find that the normal wheelchairs have bigger wheels at the back that allow the users to navigate their wheelchairs entirely by themselves. They require no help for the steering and movement of their wheelchairs.

But this is not the case with transport wheelchairs as they always require someone to push for the smaller size of the wheels. And this contributes to the reduced size of the transport wheelchairs, making them more navigable in places with lesser space.

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