Helpful Tips to Transport Wheelchairs with Ease

If you rely on your wheelchair to get around, you need to have a safe way to transport it when traveling by vehicle. The good news is, there are more than a few ways for you to transport your wheelchair safely and easily in your vehicle, including attached to the back, inside the vehicle, and even on top of it.

If you are planning to use a medical transport service, make sure they offer one of the options described here to ensure your wheelchair will not be damaged during the transport process.

Storing the Wheelchair in the Trunk or Cargo Space

One of the easiest ways to store your wheelchair is by folding it up and putting it in the backseat, trunk, or cargo area of the vehicle being used. If there’s a luggage compartment in the vehicle, the wheelchair may fit there, too.

If those aren’t options, consider a wheelchair carrier, which is going to provide the ideal solution along with several other benefits. In most cases, wheelchair carriers are easy to install, reliable, and make it much easier for you to get in and out of it when you get to the intended destination.

An Automatic Wheelchair Carrier

There are several versions of wheelchair carriers out there. The first, and easiest to use option, is automatic. This uses a switch for operation and it has a motor driven hoist that actually loads the wheelchair. This setup is ideal for manual wheelchairs, which means that the top of the vehicle carrying it needs to be able to accommodate the additional size and weight of the wheelchair for it to be a viable option.

It’s also possible to use an automatic ramp. These are typically seen on vans. The ramp will work to lower down after the door opens when you press a button. This option lets your wheelchair get into the vehicle wit you in it.

Bumper Mount Rack

The bumper mount rack will attach to the back of the vehicle and looks similar to a bike rack. It lets you attack your wheelchair to the back end of your vehicle. To install the rack, you must drill several holes into your fender, which will support the chair. These racks are usually easy to remove so you can still easily access the trunk of the vehicle.

Hitch Mount Rack

This is an option that’s very similar to the bumper mount rack, but it is a little more complex. The benefit is that it makes it easier to get the wheelchair up and down thanks to the built-in ramp. This style also tilts down while the wheelchair is loaded. It then moves back to the proper position and locks, making it safe when you are driving or in motion.

As you can see, there are several methods of transporting a wheelchair you can use. While you can easily install one of these on your own vehicle, if you rely on a medical transport service, it’s a good idea to make sure they are equipped to handle your needs.