Find the Number of Times You Should be Visiting the Doctor

As we age, our body’s defense mechanism weakens, and it is easy for us to catch diseases. There are many common conditions associated with old age that can trigger pretty quickly if we are not regularly visiting a doctor. The numbers for how often you should go to the doctor is not static. In different countries, the values are different. For instance, in America, the average number of people visiting the doctor is 4 times, including the senior people. This might seem a decent number, but the numbers are much higher in other countries like Japan, Canada, and France. As seniors are more likely to get sick, they should be the ones to visit the doctors most frequently. But this is not usually the case, at least not in the United States of America. There could be several reasons behind it. But before coming to that, let us look at how often you should go to the doctor.

How Often Should You Go to the Doctor?

How Often Should You Go to the Doctor
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When we ask the question, “how often should you go to the doctor” we need to consider to whom we are asking this. In general, this question holds the most relevance for older people as they are the ones who are more at risk. According to a study, a sexagenarian ( a person in their 60s) should visit the doctor at least once. A person in their 70s should see a doctor at least twice a year, whereas those in their 80s should see their doctors thrice a year. It is important to note that this is the least number of times older people should go to the doctor. Depending on their health condition, the numbers can vary. It is always wise to visit your doctor as much as possible. So, when it comes to how often you should go to the doctor, the number should ideally be above the American average of 4 times per year.

Why Should You Go to the Doctor More Often?

There are several reasons to see a doctor. If an older adult lives alone, it becomes more important for them to visit their doctor as frequently as possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should see your doctor more often:

To Avoid the Condition Becoming Worse

When you ignore your health condition, it can quickly go out of hand, and the problem might become more troubling. This commonly happens with older people who try to avoid going to the doctor for more than a year, and maybe not even that. But if you keep a condition at check on your own, it can likely inflate to something worse, and that is never a good sign.

To Keep Track of your Medication

Another important reason for you to visit your doctor regularly is to keep yourself updated on your medications. The doctors who prescribe medicines may react that they did not expect to occur in your case. That’s why they ask the patients to update them about their health and if the medication is helping them in getting well or not. But if you take the medications and stop visiting your doctor, it can create problems. It is always best to be under the doctor’s surveillance so that they can keep track of your progress and overcome the hurdles if there are any.

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An Early Diagnosis

Early Diagnosis Senior
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Many health conditions are associated with old age: Diabetes, arthritis, depression, dementia, etc. One can check on them if these conditions are caught at their initial stages. The proper medication will slow down the progress of the disease and help you lead an everyday life. But what most people do is that they ignore the symptoms unless things become unbearable to manage. This approach should immediately be avoided. A much better answer to how often should you go to the doctor would be to visit them whenever you feel the slightest discomfort in your physical or mental health.

Why Do Older People Avoid Going to the Doctor?

Why Do Older People Avoid Going to the Doctor
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There could be many reasons behind this, but the most prominent is a disability and lack of transportation. While home doctor visits for the elderly could be one of the options, but you might not find the right doctor at the time of urgency. The best solution to this problem would be medical transportation services. The transportation services can provide specialized support systems and assisted devices for the senior people that can safely and comfortably take them to the doctor whenever they want.

If the older people are disabled or have difficulty walking, then wheelchair exercises for seniors can help them greatly. This can also be done in association with the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services. They send a certified wheelchair escort to look after the patients while visiting the doctor or any other place.

So, the numbers for how often you should go to a doctor are not that high because of the lack of transportation. But with medical transportation services out there, this number can significantly rise, which is a good sign.