Filling The Gaps In Transportation, How Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Has Evolved

When we are young and healthy, we often take our transportation for granted. We are capable of getting from point A to point B with little issue either by use of your automobile or by our savvy use of online rideshare platforms and public transportation.

But for the elderly who no longer drive, or for people who have mobility restrictions, transportation can be a problem not easily solved. The challenge of attending medical appointments and being able to participate in normal daily activities is one that leaves many people stranded. 

There are also times when people are in the hospital and need transportation home or to a care facility and do not have one readily available. In these instances, hospitals are charged with finding appropriate transportation, which can take time and cause frustrations for patients in their care.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

When any of these scenarios arise, non-emergency secure transport companies such as Secure Comfort Care are available to provide safe and comfortable transportation for the person in need. Secure Comfort Care has a fleet of vehicles that are designed to meet the medical and mobility needs of their clients, transporting them to doctor appointments and other activities as needed safely with trained personnel. 

Medical Facility Transport Arranging 

Secure Comfort Care also provides transportation arrangement services to hospitals, medical facilities, senior care homes, and private individuals through their online platforms designed to meet all types of transportation arrangement needs. Clients can simply choose a ride right away from the dashboard or schedule one for a later date, all through Secure Comfort Care’s website online. 

Addressing COVID-19 Concerns

Providing non-emergency medical transportation that meets any physical needs of the client, Secure Comfort Care also goes to great lengths to ensure not only a safe and secure ride but also a healthy and clean transportation environment. 

With the current health crisis of COVID-19, Secure Comfort Care has implemented guidelines for their supplier and drivers that are designed to keep clients safe and healthy. Through educating drivers, disinfecting, and wearing appropriate masks and gloves, Secure Comfort Care is working to ensure a healthy transport for everyone involved. 

Keep Moving With Secure Comfort Care

Whether you are in need of safe non-emergency transport for your loved one to attend a doctor’s appointment or other activity, or if you are a medical provider that needs to arrange transportation after a hospital stay or any transportation need in between, you can depend on Secure Comfort Care to take you where you need to go safely, securely, and on time. Schedule your transport online now with Secure Comfort Care and leave the rest to us.