We’re taking steps to keep clients safe. Our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

At Secure Comfort we want to help prevent further spread of COVID-19. In order to protect our staff, customers, suppliers and drivers as much as possible, the following guidelines have been carried out:

  • SECURE COMFORT drivers are provided with a first aid kit, hand disinfectant, disinfectant spray, gloves and surgical mask whenever possible.
  • SECURE COMFORT drivers are advised to ask ALL patients whether they are experiencing any flu like symptoms before transport.
  • Drivers are instructed to avoid close human contact (wherever possible) and encouraged to wash hands frequently.
  • Drivers are strictly instructed to stay home, if any sign of sickness appears.
  • Drivers from “red zone areas” are separated from other drivers and advised to stay in the vehicle.
  • We avoid manual exchange of transport documents by using electronic solutions.
  • Hygiene standards have been significantly raised at all SECURE  COMFORT locations.
  • SECURE COMFORT drivers are advised to clean and disinfect vehicles inside/outside after all transports.