Challenges People Face in their 60’s and Ways to Resolve Them

Retirement comes with a lot of changes- physical, mental and financial. Therefore, we must brace ourselves to encounter all that comes our way. Old age is a very tender age regarding wrinkles and grey hair and more complicated predicaments like heart and bone health and depression. Therefore, without further ado, let us look at the problems old age might bring you and how you can deal with those.

Heart Health

Senior citizen heart health

As one grows older, the blood vessels and arteries in the cardiovascular system stiffen. This can cause your heart to put in more effort when pumping blood. As one grows older, one becomes more prone to hypertension and other such cardiovascular complications.

How to Deal with It

1.Try to engage in physical activities in your old age. This will help you maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of heart diseases.
2.Quit smoking completely
3.Eat a balanced and healthy diet.
4.Try to manage stress more effectively. It can take a toll on your overall health, especially cardiovascular, once you grow old.

Mental Health

Mental health

Depression in older people is a common thing. And only 10% of the total people are likely to get treated. Often the symptoms are gone unnoticed, for they can be different in old age than in other stages of life. The symptoms are also dismissed as effects of other diseases and ongoing medication. This prevents older people from consulting a doctor for mental health.

Depression in older people can be more dangerous as it can increase the risk of cardiac diseases and fatality in other diseases. Therefore it’s important not to overlook the symptoms of depression in older people. Some of the obvious symptoms of depression in old age are:

•Feeling irritable
•Aches and pains
•Feeling guilty and hopeless.
•Apathy towards activities once enjoyed

How to Deal with It

1.Reach out to people and stay in touch with them.
2.Share your problems and be open to therapies and treatment.
3.Engage yourself in activities
4.Find a purpose in life.
5.Adopt a healthy diet and routine

Memory and Cognitive Skills

Over time, our thinking skills and memory can take a dip. In old age, people often forget little details and find it difficult to multitask. Some older people may even find it difficult to understand complex instructions or narratives. Although it cannot be reversed or completely avoided, there are still ways to improve the cognitive health of older people.

Having a good memory can help an older person to conduct himself in his daily life with ease. While some problems are self-treatable some need professional help. Alzheimer’s and dementia are serious problems and must be treated by professional doctors. However, a healthy lifestyle and little help from friends and family can help you deal with minor memory problems and live life conveniently.

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How to Deal with It

1.Stay mentally active and indulge in memory-boosting games and activities. Play crosswords, puzzles and sudoku to keep your mind quick and functioning.
2.Do daily exercises
3.Eat foods that are good for your brain health, like eggs and dry fruits.
4.Do not recoil from social life.

Bones, Joints and Muscles

Joint pain in senior citizen

With age, older people lose bone density making them more prone to fractures. The bones become hollow and shrink in size. This can lead to diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis and other bone and joint diseases. Such diseases can make it difficult for older people to move from one place to another. One often gives up on travelling and participating in social gatherings due to this semi disability. While there are ambulances and other facilities for emergencies, old people must travel and live life as normally as they can.

How to Deal with It

1.Non-emergency transportation services can help people in old age to live a normal life. It is important for their mental and physical health.
2.Mild exercises
3.Take an adequate amount of Vit D and Calcium.
4.Refrain from smoking, drugs and alcohol.
5.Resort to physiotherapy after asking your doctor

Digestive System

Constipation is quite common in older people. This is due to the digestive problems that the body undergoes in old age. Changes in the large intestine is majorly responsible, but medication and medical conditions also contribute to it.

How to Deal with It

1.Pass your bowels regularly, and do not try to hold them
2.Eat a healthy diet
3.Consult your doctor about gastric or constipation problems
4.Keep a tab of the effects that your medicines may have on your digestive system.

Thus, old age is a challenging stage, but having the right lifestyle and support can make it much easier.

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