Bringing Back Independence With Secure Non-Emergency Transport

Most of us who are in good health take our ability to travel around town for granted.  We go where we want to when we want to, sliding behind the wheel of our vehicle and off we go.  This freedom of transportation can slowly, or suddenly in the event of an accident or injury, go away, leaving people to struggle meeting the demands of necessities in life. 

This is true for a growing portion of the elderly population, where once they were tending their business and taking care of what they needed on their on, they find their capabilities to drive diminished, making completing once mundane tasks almost impossible.

Health and aging can impact our driving abilities, leaving it up to us to find alternative methods of transportation for our daily activities. Some elderly are reluctant to stop driving as they fear being cut off from the world and are unaware of other options. The Community Transportation Association of America has predicted that elderly traffic fatalities will triple in the next decade, making safe alternatives to driving a must.

Research also indicates as older people who are no longer able to drive attend fewer medical appointments, go out less to eat and shop, and limit their social interactions with family and friends.  Fortunately, there are safe alternatives to driving, giving people the opportunity to conduct their lives as normal instead of becoming housebound.

Non-emergency medical transportation is a safe solution for the elderly and people who are unable to drive themselves due to illness or injury.  Whereas some community based services may be available for transportation, it is on their schedule, which may not work with what a person is needing to do.

A quality transport system will not just take a passenger from point to point, but rather it provides a service that a senior can feel as much control over as possible.  As people lose their ability to drive, their sense of helplessness can become overwhelming, leading to depression.  It is important to understand that letting go of driving oneself is a huge change, and a dependable transport system can ease that transition.

Companies such as Secure Comfort Care provide non-emergency medical and leisure transportation that meets the needs of those who are unable to drive.  This professional service can be used one time, or scheduled on a routine basis, giving seniors options of when and how much they go out and about. 

Considering the safety and well being of people as they age it is imperative to offer support as they shift their mindset to their new routines. Choosing a professional non-emergency medical transport  brings independance back into the lives of those who may otherwise be left in a bind.  By helping people navigate through this transition, we increase their independence, dignity, and security.