How to select Non-Emergency Transportation Drivers During Covid-19 Pandemic

Non-Emergency Transportation companies sometimes hire drivers who are not eligible according to the job profile or reliable enough to be depended on with medically fragile passengers. They often put well being and safety of their physically challenged clients in unprofessional and inexperienced hands, which is a matter of grave concern. Such non-emergency transport services don’t realize that the drivers transporting their clients are not qualified to carry out the task efficiently until some terrible thing happens.

Although it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety even if they hire professional non-emergency medical transportation drivers. These drivers need to get through high traffic and congested parts of the city and if they miss the deadline, that can attract hefty fines.

So why it’s paramount to ensure a certain level of expertise in drivers when it comes to non-emergency medical transportation? Because the passengers are physically weak and fragile, and even a small mishap can result in severe injury, trauma, and sometimes death. Wheelchairs are not a very stable thing, especially when someone on it is on the move. Unless extreme measures are taken and the vehicle is driven by an experienced non-emergency driver, that can lead to a fall and serious accident.

Therefore insurance carriers, in general, have set minimum criteria for non-emergency driver recruitment. While abiding by these guidelines alone doesn’t guarantee that the recruited drivers will have adequate expertise all the time, it surely helps in eliminating at least a large number of bad drivers from the procedure. If you are an owner or part of the management of a non-emergency medical transportation Charlotte NC company, you need to make sure to follow these rules diligently when employing drivers in order to avoid refusal of coverage by the insurance companies.

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1.Age: The age limit is a minimum of 25 years. Any driver below this age should not be allowed to drive a non-emergency medical vehicle as they are not considered to be mature enough to fully realize the importance of the service.

2.Experience: A driver needs to have 5 years of driving experience in the USA to be eligible. Also, 2 years of experience as a non-emergency medical transportation driver is required.

3.Motor Vehicle Report: 12-month and 36-month motor vehicle reports should be furnished with the application. In the 12-month report, there must not be more than two violations recorded and a maximum of one time preventable DOT recordable accident is allowed. Also, the 36-month report must not state more than two times of violations and a one-time at-fault accident.

4.Prohibited violations: Below are a list of violations that will make a non-emergency medical transport driver ineligible for the job if found in the 36-month motor vehicle report. If a non-emergency medical transportation Charlotte NC company hires drivers with these violations stated in their 36-month MVR, insurance companies may refuse to renew the insurance policy of the company. Hence, it is crucial for a non-emergency transport service to exclude such drivers from their recruitment process.

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•If a driver caught driving in the influence of alcohol or other prohibited substances
•If a driver possesses alcohol or other illegal intoxicating substances in the vehicle and charged for the same
•If the driver refuses to produce his driving license to a law enforcement officer
•If a diver has his current driving license canceled for whatever reasons
•If a driver caught driving with a suspended license
•If the driver charged for doing any felony while operating a vehicle
•If the driver leaves an accident site avoiding his duty according to law
•If a driver tries to escape from a law enforcement officer
•If charged for reckless driving

5.Covid-19 guidelines: Also, during the current covid-19 situation, drivers need to follow all the additional guidelines issued by the recruiting non-emergency transport company and the other authorities. Failing to abide by those must be considered a grave violation of the code of conduct.

Conclusion: All these guidelines can not ensure a foolproof non-emergency driver recruitment procedure due to obvious reasons; however, they definitely help to lower the chance of recruiting rookie drivers and therefore will result in a reduced number of mishaps. If you are an owner of a non-emergency medical transportation charlotte NC company and provide transportation service for non-emergency medical treatment, following the guidelines mentioned above will not only help you in reducing the risk of fatal incidents during transport but also in getting proper and adequate insurance coverage.