Are There Approaches to Effectively End the Pandemic?

With the weekly average of over 76,000 cases in the United States, the Covid-19 pandemic does not seem to take a step back. While the vaccination drive is running in full strength, the arrival of the Delta variant has made achieving herd immunity much more difficult. Almost 2 years have passed since Covid ravaged the health sector and economy of the world, and yet no adequate immunization has been made. This makes many people sceptical of the entire situation. Facing the question, “when will the pandemic end?” has become too bland for the people. While many have given hope altogether, there are still reasons and hope to rely on.

When Will We See the End of Pandemic?

When Will We See the End of Pandemic

There is no straight answer to this question. However, this does not mean that efforts are not being made to stabilize the situation. The government is committed to providing the Covid-19 vaccine to as many people as possible. But the Delta variant with its fast transmission rate has challenged the effort too well for our good. Without herd immunity being achieved, it will remain a struggle with the pandemic. But gradually, the United States and other countries are striving to find ways not limited to vaccines alone.

Approaches To Tackle the Pandemic

While the most effective solution is the Covid-19 vaccine, other efforts are being made to make the struggle for vaccination all the more effective and, of course, more successful.

Small Restrictions

The people play a significant part here. Following small health protocols like washing hands properly and wearing double-layered masks is the least people can do, and many in the US are observing this. While a large part of the population is not taking these protocols seriously, the initiative towards the positive side is undoubtedly a thing to look out for.

Making Pandemic Endemic

It is a common fact that Covid-19 has been a pandemic for a long time. But efforts are being made to turn it into endemic in a flexible sense. The flexibility referred here implies that each country should bring about a proposition to control the cases within their region. Strict checking on the border and maintaining proper health protocol for tourists and foreigners are some ways this could be achieved.

Taking Care of the Elders

Take care of your olders

The most vulnerable population in the Covid crisis are children and older people. While children are being given extra care by their parents, it is to older people we need to give focus. Even the senior people being taken care of by their family members are suffering in other ways. Depression in older people has become quite common not just for their frail health but also because of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Therefore, nothing seems to be more critical now than caring for older people. Government and private institutions should join hands in this approach and make it easier for older people to get the vaccination and other health facilities.

Focus on Serious Cases

Covid19 Serious Cases

While a lot of effort is being made to keep the Covid-19 virus in check among the masses, a different strategy should also be on the table. The government should focus more on strengthening the department that can handle a large number of severe cases. Many people are already vaccinated, while others have the immunity to deal with the virus. But those who are seriously getting affected by the virus need special care. If the facility and infrastructure for the recovery of serious Covid-19 cases can be strengthened, a significant change could be in the fold. This way, even if a large population catches the virus, those with severe health damage can be immediately dealt with.

Patient Transport Services

A firm reliance on patient transport services is another way to cope with this situation. They can effectively take patients, disabled people and older citizens to the vaccination centre or the hospital in an emergency. As these groups of people would need extensive support from the authorities, private players can join the hands to make things easier.

Experts are divided on these solutions. Many believe the proposed ideas to be potent, while others look for more effective solutions. While no approach can be guaranteed as absolutely effective, we should keep making the effort till the breakthrough is achieved.