Are NEMT Services Ready to Combat the COVID-19 Crisis?

COVID-19 had been an unanticipated situation where the dependence on the non-emergency medical transportation industry has increased by folds. These services are available all over the country, even outside the metropolitan areas. As a secure medical transport, it ensures every vehicle is appointed to the patients rightly needing the services. To make it readily available for the needy, the providers are working hard to end the transports to outstation to cater to larger needing groups.

Further, there have also been talks regarding the complete assignment of services to parts of the neighboring cities and towns that lack enough resources and provisions to cater to COVID affected patients. In this regard, even the wheelchair transportation services have made it their goal to ensure that every single COVID affected patient must still be able to reach their doctor’s appointments and check-ups on time without facing any severe societal hassles. The providers are also looking forward to making things simpler for the patients and have their rides scheduled without having to bear any considerable amount for transportation. These secure medical transport solutions have now expanded their fleet to cater to other medical needs also apart from COVID like that of dialysis, occupational and physical therapies, chemotherapies, and several other sorts of non-emergency yet medical necessities.

Considering the current COVID chaos, even the services of wheelchair transportation Charlotte NC have taken their services to the next broader spectrum to have the necessary precautions and safety on board. This includes the following:

•Cleaning and Disinfection for Non-Emergency Transport Vehicles

But rendering services have not been so easy for the non-emergency transportation industry lately owing to the rising infection and transmission risks. There have been multiple guidelines set to maintain hygiene like:

•Interiors of the vehicles are to be completely sanitized after every ride that takes place. The patient section and the driver section needs careful sanitization separately and only proper cleansing can help release the vehicles for the next round of the transport.

•Every equipment used in the journey too requires separate care and hygiene after the rides and wheelchair transportation services make sure to keep this in mind while the services get scheduled and when the patients are transported.

•Porous and soft seat surfaces require special care. Cleansers meant for the fabric particularly must be used at proper intervals to ensure added hygiene.

•Frequently touched electronics used by the drivers or at the patient section require the usage of electronic cleansers that help maintain the proper working of the gadgets even after multiple cleanings.

Improving Transportation to Dialysis and Other Medical Conditions Amidst Pandemic

Despite the NEMT services updating their services rendition, there had been real gaps arising in the cases of patients who aimed at receiving intense medical care treatments but couldn’t because of most of the fleet of NEMT providers being engaged in the COVID services. The cases of haemodialysis saw patients availing regular transportation services across the country but that is a situation that needs professional NEMT care. But with the problems getting understood, providers are getting more funding to have their beta transportation modules functioning robustly. Services like wheelchair transportation Charlotte NC are also looking forward to improving their fleet to provide flexible and safe rides with reducing wait times and excessive costs of travel severely.

Further, the providers are also keen to assign individual dialysis unit in a separate set of a fleet that will be particularly governing the dialysis patient transport department. But it is not exactly that easy to handle the fleet and requires rigorous training of the personnel before they can conduct the transports. And that is exactly why the providers are also looking forward to arranging these training sessions for them to seamlessly provide transportation.

Without a doubt, this pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and our medical advancements and facilities to test. But this is the time to fill these gaps and be prepared for the worst conditions with the best of arrangements. And, NEMT is definitely making it better for the patients with each passing day. They are managing this crisis in the best way they can.

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