A Staunch Journey: How Non-Emergency Transportation Is Revolutionizing Medical Care?

It is believed that every single second is crucial when a person with a health issue is required to be taken to the hospital. This becomes extremely challenging for someone who does not own a vehicle and has to rely on friends, family, or neighbors. As health issues and medical emergencies in society persist with a significant upsurge, healthcare services have become essential for every stratum of society. Non emergency medical transportation (NEMT) here renders and plays a dominant role as it is a service that effectively connects patients in need of non emergency transportation with non hospital drivers. Right from patient discharge, patient transport to meeting patient transplantation appointments, these services comes prepared with all the essential medical care.

Patients with chronic diseases, as practice shows, are the ones who tend to skip their doctor appointments. One major reason behind this behavior isn’t exactly their ignorance, but their inability to drive or the absence of someone who does. Further, post-surgical patients are not allowed to drive, until the healthcare provider approves. Thus, in simpler words, NEMT is especially for those, who are not in an emergency situation but are in dire need of assistance during travel, or the ones who cannot drive. So we shall thoroughly delve into the importance of non emergency transportation services in this article today.

Secure Comfort Care- Non Emergency Transport

Importance of Non emergency medical transport services:

A benign service:

What matters the most to a patient is his/her safety. Especially, after a procedure or surgery, when one needs to take the utmost care. Non emergency patient transportation services make sure that you reach the hospital and home safely if you don’t have any friends or family members available to drive you back home/hospital. Therefore, a person in a non emergency situation can avail the service and can get appropriate assistance throughout the journey. Once you have given your detailed requirements such as your age, address (pick up and drop), whether you require a wheelchair or not, a trained coordinator assigns you a van and a driver, and you are good to go.

NEMT provides its own transport:

As mentioned earlier, patients with chronic medical issues often bail on their doctor appointments due to the unavailability of a relative or a car. When you avail the NEMT service, be it for hospital discharge or a doctor’s appointment, a car will pick you up in no time and take you wherever you want. This snug and secure service do not let the unavailability of a car come in the middle of your doctor appointments, making non emergency transportation services quite efficient and important today.

NEMT service is highly reliable

The biggest problem that the elderly section of the society face is of reliability. The fact that they constantly need someone to tend to them makes them quite dependable on someone, especially when it comes to reaching or driving to the hospital. The non emergency transportation can be crucial in such situations and extremely important for the elderly, as these services are extremely comfortable and reliable. Apart from getting to hospitals and clinics, the NEMT can also drive you to grocery shopping or several social gatherings. In this regard, companies like Secure Comfort Transportation offer a complete package at your service, ensuring comfort care transportation to all its customers.

NEMT service promotes privacy and ease of payment

Privacy is the basic right of an individual and the non emergency transportation encourages this right and looks forward to providing extreme leisure and comfort, taking extra care of the elderly. The ease of payment methods is one such way of delivering comfort. Modern providers keep the CC machine inside the vehicle for the patient’s comfort. They also have an online payment option on the website and for those who are not comfortable with online transactions, can book a van for themselves too. This service is thus a perfect blend of reliability, comfort, and leisure.


The medical transportation has become a significant aspect of healthcare fields, which help the needy strata of the society, providing them a comfortable and secure journey to the hospital and back home. This is where companies like Secure Comfort Transportation are making their mark and proving to be a blessing for the patients in need.