A Day in the Life of a Wheel-chaired Person

We, humans, are such hypocrites. “All humans are equal” is a mere platitude now. Isn’t it? Most of us either knowingly or unknowingly have treated specially-abled people differently. Problems faced by disabled persons are many. People stare at them, jabber with their friends about their condition (in front of them), honk the car horn incessantly while they cross the road, show pity towards them, etc. You must be thinking why we mentioned showing pity in the list. This is because showing pity makes the people in the wheelchair uncomfortable and doubtful of themself.

We don’t even realize what are the daily life problems faced by the people in wheelchair? So let’s experience a day in the life of wheelchair users and look at the problems faced by disabled persons.

1.Those rigged terrains are really hard to cross:

With those grooves in our shoes, it is very easy for us to cross even the most uneven terrains, but the people in a wheelchair have to stumble over those bumps on the road. In addition, the tremors are so difficult to handle that it adds to the irritation of being in a wheelchair. To overcome this back-breaking situation, there are wheelchair transportation services.

2. People stare as if you’re alien:

Ever felt the point of attraction amidst the most crowded place? Well, that might sound alluring but not to the people on wheelchairs. People ogle at the specially-abled people, and it is one of their daily life problems that makes them feel inferior. If you ever come across such a person, don’t stare at them. Treat them like others; after all, that’s what they are-NORMAL!

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3.The problem of passing through gates:

It seems easy to slide through the slender aisles but have you ever thought from a person’s perspective in a wheelchair? That frustration of not being able to pass through doors is one of the problems faced by disabled persons. Many places have started including special gates for the people in a wheelchair, which is a good sign.

4.The panic situation while crossing the roads:

One of the daily life problems of people in a wheelchair is they feel extremely insulted and helpless when they cannot enter crossroads as fast as other people do. Their nervousness gets exacerbated with the incessant honking by some diabolical people. Therefore, kindly wait and show some patience till the time they cross the road.

5.There are no options other than sitting:

Sitting at one place for hours is a daily life problem for disabled people. Imagine people in wheelchairs have to sit in the same place, not for hours or days but months or even for a whole lifetime. The excruciating muscle pain and cramps are among the problems faced by disabled persons. Sitting at a place is monotonous, but they can’t do anything about that so if you ever come across a person in a wheelchair, try to lighten up their mood instead of making it intense.

6. Difficulty in using elevators:

We’re living in a world where people fell headlong into the fast pacing cities. Everyone is in a hurry. Using an elevator is a daily life problem for a wheel-chaired person. If you ever come across such a person trying to get in a lift, then offer them to go first. Assist them with the wheelchair transportation into the lift. Problems faced by disabled persons can mollify if we help them.

7. Mirrors are not according to their heights:

This is the least talked about daily life problem that people in a wheelchair have to go through. The mirrors are usually at a much greater height, and such people are unable to use the mirrors in public washrooms and at other places.

8. Not all vehicles have the wheelchair slope:

People in a wheelchair have to book especially wheelchair transportation services with a wheelchair slope. Unlike us, who just slide in the cabs and buses, these people have to give multiple thoughts before stepping out of their homes. Also, many places don’t have slopes for wheelchairs. Such things add to the problems faced by disabled persons.


After getting an insight into the problems faced by disabled persons, you must have gauged the gravity of their pain. People in a wheelchair already feel suffocated at the thought of not doing some of the basic tasks like others. Through our little positive actions, we can make sure that we make them feel empowered to overcome the fear of their daily life problems. Only sympathizing with their daily life problems means you feel bad for them. This can make them feel worse about the adversities that life has thrown upon them but empathizing with their situation indicates that you genuinely care for them.

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