4 Ways Transportation Services Provide Independence to Seniors

As people get older, medical conditions and other issues may curtail their ability to transport themselves to where they need to go. For example, declining eyesight and mobility issues can make it impossible to drive or handle getting in and out of a car on their own. However, losing the ability to drive doesn’t mean older adults have to give up their independence. Here are four ways using a transportation service like Secure Comfort Care can help seniors maintain their independence and self-reliance.

Go Places on Their Own Schedule

When older adults lose the ability to drive, they often rely on friends and family members to get from place to place. The problem with this solution is that it leaves seniors at the mercy of the schedules of others. For example, if everyone works during the day, the senior has to plan all of their business in the evening or miss out on events if they happen at a time when everyone is busy. Similarly, seniors may not go out as much, so they don’t burden their family members who have other responsibilities. By using a transportation service like Secure Comfort Care, older adults can schedule rides for wherever they need to go, whenever they want. As a bonus, our professional drivers are never late for a pickup, and we make sure to schedule enough time to get seniors where they need to be with time to spare for the appointment.

Allows Distant Relatives to Remain in their Home Environment

Losing the ability to drive can be problematic for seniors whose immediate family live in another location. The seniors may have to move to another city to be closer to family members who can provide transportation, or they may have to move to a managed care facility. You can use a transportation service like Secure Comfort Care to allow seniors to remain in their home environment or an assisted living facility near their home. Most seniors prefer this transportation strategy since it means they can keep going to their favorite restaurants, stores, place of worship, etc.

Ensures They Get Proper Support When Traveling

Most people without cars can get by with taxis and Ubers, but this option may not be appropriate for some seniors. People with particular health concerns or mobility issues may require extra help when traveling that they won’t get from traditional consumer transportation services. Secure Comfort Car has a fleet of vehicles, including some with special features needed to transport patients with advanced health conditions. We have transport for wheelchairs, walkers, and stretchers. Plus, our vehicles have ALS/BLS Support, so we’re prepared in the event of an emergency. Not only do we drive seniors to their location, but we’ll help them as much as needed when they reach their destination. Family members gain peace of mind from knowing that their older family members are getting the support they need. And seniors gain independence by having access to the transportation services they need to go where they want. Our team will ask about the senior’s needs when planning the trip, and we’ll make sure we have the appropriate vehicle and staff ready for pickup.

Makes Long-Distance Travel Easier

Medical issues can make long-distance travel hard for seniors. A standard vehicle may not have enough space for a senior to sit comfortably for hours, and the situation is made worse if you need to transport medical equipment like oxygen tanks. However, seniors can plan long distance and one-way trips using Secure Comfort Care. This service is especially useful for seniors who need to travel to see a doctor or specialist. Having access to Secure Comfort Care promotes self-reliance by allowing seniors to plan trips to any location.

Secure Comfort Care provides transportation services that help seniors, and disabled adults maintain their independence and control over their affairs. Send us a message online to learn more about using Secure Comfort Care for your transportation needs.